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Air Canada Jobs 2023 Air Canada Jobs are plentiful and offer several prospects for career advancement. All available positions will be highlighted below for those who are interested in applying.

Air Canada transports over 51 million passengers annually and provides direct service to approximately 220 locations on six continents.

Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada and the major provider of scheduled passenger services on the Canadian, Canada-U.S., and worldwide markets to and from Canada.

So, Air Canada requires a large number of employees to fill a variety of positions; if you wish to obtain employment here, you must meet specific qualifications.

Job Description

This is a terrific career opportunity if you are willing to work hard, put in long hours at any time of day or night, take great pleasure in your work, and enjoy meeting and working with people.

The clients and crew you work with at Air Canada will give you with a lifetime of memories. Air Canada is a great place to launch a career and has energetic team members from around the world.

Air Canada provides its employees with a variety of perks, such as health care, insurance programs, travel privileges, pension schemes, and paid time off.

Air Canada Jobs 2023
Air Canada Jobs 2023 – Apply Here 1

Salary of Air Canada Employees

Job TitleSalary
Flight Attendant salaries$58,800/yr
Station Attendant salaries$31,921/yr
Customer Service Representative salaries$35,243/yr
Airline Pilot salaries$108,124/yr

Available Air Canada Jobs

There are over 150 career opportunities available at Air Canada for those seeking employment. These are those that have been classified as general.

  • Careers in Airplane Maintenance (12 vacancies)
  • Airports & Freight (65 vacancies)
  • Contact facility (10 vacancies)
  • Flight management (7 vacancies)
  • Onboard services (4 vacancies)
  • Information Systems (29 vacancies)

Now, consider the hottest job openings as they are described on this page.

1. Flight Attendants

Air Canada is pleased to welcome new Flight Attendants who are Canadians and will assist them in becoming a top-10 Global Airline in all that they do.

You are needed to put yourself in the shoes of the customer, treating them with warmth, graciousness, and dignity and providing them with the most luxurious and comfortable flight experience possible.

Requirement of Air Canada Jobs 2023

  • Minimum age of 18 years old.
  • Be Canadian
  • Possession of a valid Canadian passport allowing travel to all Air Canada destinations.
  • You will enroll in our 7-week, full-time Air Canada Flight Attendant training program in Montreal or Vancouver if you are available to work irregular hours (mornings, evenings, weekends, and legal holidays) (please note that training will be paid at a lower rate).
  • You are relocating to our Canadian headquarters in Toronto or Calgary.
  • The hourly wage for a certified Flight Attendant is $28.85.

2. Ramp Agent (Station Attendant) – 27 open positions

Air Canada offers you an incredible opportunity! Air Canada is seeking Ramp Agents (Station Attendants) to join their airside operations team in any location.

You will play a vital role in ensuring that our aircraft are prepared for safe, secure, and on-time departures, which requires you to be highly flexible.

This role is available for full-time and part-time employment in a variety of cities, including Vancouver, Toronto, and others.


  • As a Ramp Agent (Station Attendant), you will be responsible for managing bags and freight in addition to running a variety of equipment.
  • Operating aircraft and maintaining vehicles and machinery
  • Towing or marshaling airplanes to gate positions to facilitate passenger boarding and deplaning.
  • The loading and unloading of freight and passenger baggage
  • Preparing aircraft for landing and takeoff.

3. Cabin Attendant for Services and Cleaning (4 vacancies)

Air Canada is now seeking Cabin Service and Cleaning Attendants to join its ground handling staff.

A significant portion of this responsibility is ensuring that the aircraft is prepared for a safe and on-time departure.

To do this, Cleaning Attendants must be swift, meticulous, and efficient so that passengers enjoy a pleasant and comfortable flight.

There are options for both full-time and part-time employment, and Air Canada offers a range of benefit programs, including health and dental, for you and your family.


  • Provide the aircraft cabin with flight-readiness supplies
  • Clean and inspect aircraft interiors.
  • Replace headrests and vacuum the floor of the vehicle.
  • Resupply seat pockets with periodicals and safety materials

4. Customer Experience Specialist – 41 Vacancies

Air Canada is currently seeking Customer Experience Specialists to join their team at various airports and locations.

By servicing passengers at airport counters and gate locations, you will play a crucial role in ensuring that all flights are prepared for secure and on-time departures.

If you are eager, caring, and enjoy dealing with people, you may be on the verge of obtaining your ideal position.


  • Do passenger check-ins.
  • Help pre-boarding passengers and offer flight schedules and route information.
  • Prepare and distribute boarding passes and tickets.
  • There are many available positions, including Lead Customer Experience Specialist, Multilingual Customer Experience Specialist, Customer Experience Specialist, and Customer Service Agent.

5 . IT Jobs (58 Vacancies)

An expert in information technology offers support and services for software, hardware, databases, web resources, networks, and corporate systems.

A specialist in information technology may be responsible for network management, software development, and database administration, among other tasks.

There are various open positions, including

Specialist, IT Network Specialist, IT Service Transition (Transition to Operations) Specialist, IT & Cyber Operations Senior Analyst, IT Quality Assurance Senior Developer, Digital Platform, and a multitude of others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Air Canada’s minimum hiring age?

18 years and older

How many hours are required to get employed by Air Canada?

To fly for Air Canada, pilots must meet the following criteria: 2000 flight hours with a fixed-wing aircraft.

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