Australia Zoo Jobs 2023 – Apply Now

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Australia Zoo Jobs: Learn all the specific details about the Australia Zoo jobs and the open/available roles so that you may apply and pursue your love of caring for animals. Find a suitable Australia Zoo job This is the place for you if you enjoy animals and everything a zoo has to offer. Although it moves quickly, the environment is terrific, and the team members are wonderful. Continue to read more about the internship at the Australia Zoo and follow the correct procedures to apply so that you can be successful in your pursuit of this position.

Australia Zoo Jobs
Australia Zoo Jobs

Details About Australia Zoo Jobs

Australia Zoo is a great place to work since it has a stellar reputation, high standards for animal welfare, a lovely setting, and happy people all over.
The Australia Zoo Jobs offer a remarkable experience, a tonne of learning opportunities for wonderful coworkers, and fascinating professions that are sure to capture your interest and make you fall in love with your career.
With so many openings, there are several, or let’s say there are roughly 150 privately supported zoos and aquariums in Australia for you to tour.

Melbourne Zoo Jobs

Melbourne Zoo is the oldest zoo and is known for exhibiting various animals such as tigers, elephants, lions, orangutans, gorillas, butterflies, old tortoises, and more for every visitor to discover.

With over 320 species of animals from Australia and around the world, Melbourne Zoo is a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike.

Location – It is located within Royal Park in Parkville.

Melbourne Zoo (Vic) is looking for a number of positions such as;

How To Apply
How To Apply
  • Labor, Life Science.
  • Coordinator, Food Store
  • Coordinator, Mammals
  • Senior Communications Advisor

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Jobs at Sydney Zoo

Sydney Zoo was founded in 2015 with the aim of providing the local and international community with amazing experiences introducing them to animal species from around the world, as well as educating them about animal welfare and conservation. It was to teach.

Sydney Zoo employs approximately 75 full-time staff and over 200 casual staff in positions including zoo maintenance, administration, landscaping, repair and maintenance, customer service, retail, food service, and cleaning. , and various other fields including multiple roles.

Their positions are available in a mix of full-time, part-time, and casual positions and are a combination of skilled, unskilled, paid, and volunteer roles.

Current Positions


  • Junior Cultural Aboriginal Guide
  • Senior Cultural Aboriginal Guide
  • Food and beverages
  • to cook
  • Food and beverage staff
  • Horticulture
  • Horticultural staff
  • Operations
  • Cleaning staff

Jobs at Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo is a zoo in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, located on the shores of Sydney Harbour, in the suburb of Mosman, opening hours are between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm.

Australia Zoo Sydney is home to over 2,600 animals from around 250 different species, making it Australia’s largest zoo. It has a zoo shop, a cafe, and an information center.

Australia Zoo has a number of opportunities for you to start applying for now, and job vacancies include;

  • Casual housekeeper
  • the gardener
  • Lead Hand Electrician
  • Payroll Officer
  • Work and Safety Administration Assistant
  • Casual Guest Experience Officer

South Australia Zoo

South Australia Zoo is an interactive park zoo that operates both Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park and works to save species from extinction. Moreover, joining the team is a unique and incredibly fulfilling opportunity.

South Australia Zoo is passionately committed to equal employment opportunities because they believe that diversity, inclusion, and understanding are fundamental to its strong organizational culture and values.

Vacancies at Monarto Safari Park include;

  • Casual workers
  • Normal hand
  • Local / Primate Keepers

Jobs at Featherdale Wildlife Park

The park is conveniently located in Sydney, making it a convenient destination for those who want to experience native animals but can’t get out of the city.

Featherdale has created a unique environment to house animals in an urban environment with natural bush. Join the team and explore the park and see how their conservation efforts have helped keep the animals safe and healthy.

Featherdale Wildlife Park jobs seek/apply for third-party volunteers at Featherdale Wildlife Park, and note that you will be contacted if your application is successful in obtaining an interview for the volunteer program.

People Also Ask:

  1. What professions will be in demand in Australia in 2023?

    Certified Nurse.
    Programmers of software and applications.
    Teachers at primary schools.
    managers of sales, public relations, and advertising.
    Building managers.
    Workers in the community arts, recreation, and welfare.
    analysts of intelligence and policy.

  2. Is it challenging to land a job at the Zoo?

    Because most of these roles are in high demand, there are frequently more applications than openings. Strong competition and wages that are regarded as cheap in comparison to the education required to accomplish them should be expected. These tasks are also not simple. In some situations, taking care of animals necessitates round-the-clock attention.

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