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Emirates: their historical past in a timeline

Emirates Airline Jobs in Dubai 2023 In 1985, the airline began operations, flying only two aircraft between Dubai International airport and Karachi. Emirates has built its dominance, notably on long-haul flights, becoming one of the most popular airlines for British travelers visiting Dubai. It is recognized for its opulent and exceptional First Class service and for “going the extra mile” for its clients.

In 1985, Emirates is founded. The major flight between Dubai and Karachi is nonstop. The airline’s fleet consists of two aircraft.

The airline increases its network to Amman, Cairo, Colombo, and Dhaka in 1986.

The Emirati airline gets connections to the West via Istanbul, Gatwick airport, Frankfurt, and other European cities in 1987.

The airline adds two new destinations to its network in 1989: Manila and Bangkok.

1990: Sheikh Ahmed orders two additional aircraft for the company (A310-300s)

Emirates is the first airline to implement the ability to make phone calls from an aircraft in 1993.

The airline purchases its first Boeing 777-200 in 1996.

1998: The number of passengers carried by Emirates reaches 3.7 million, while cargo freight increases to 200,000 tonnes. According to an OAG award, Emirates has been voted the world’s greatest airline.

2000 – The airline becomes the first to order the Airbus A380, purchasing seven aircraft.

Emirates is named the airline of the year for a second time in 2002.

2004 marks the inaugural flight of the airline to North America.

2005: Emirates becomes the largest employer in Dubai, employing a significant share of the city’s labor force.

2008: The airline moves into the posh new Emirates Group headquarters

2009 – Emirates becomes the largest Boeing 777 operator in the world.

2010 – Emirates celebrates its 25th anniversary and inaugurates new flights to Europe.

2013 – London Heathrow to Dubai becomes a well-liked A380 route.

2016 – Emirates is granted the Skytrax accolade for best in-flight entertainment and World’s Best Airline once again.

Emirates: Info and Figures

At Flight-Delayed.co.uk, we’re always up-to-date on any flight information, therefore we appreciate interesting facts and figures! For this blog, we compiled information from both our personal flight logs and the official Emirates website.

According to OAG, Emirates’ on-time performance (OTP) was 83.2% and cancellation fees were 0.0%. This means that you may rest guaranteed that your flight with Emirates will not be canceled. Nonetheless, you may need to make preparations for a somewhat delayed arrival. Comparatively, the top OTPs in the industry is approximately 87% of flights run on time.

Places: 155 locations in more than 80 unique nations

Emirates: Do you know that?

Have you ever heard that on every Emirates aircraft, the crew speaks eight to eighteen different languages? The probability that an Emirates flight attendant will speak your language, regardless of where you’re from or what language you speak, is well above fifty per cent!

Many soccer supporters could also be conscious of the undeniable fact that Emirates sponsors well-known soccer organizations reminiscent of Actual Madrid and Arsenal.

Curious Emirates details and noteworthy tales

As one of the most popular long-distance airlines in the world, Emirates has undoubtedly been involved in spectacular events. We have compiled a selection of the airline’s and its history’s most intriguing anecdotes. From the airline’s exceptional First Class service to its comfortable long-haul travel plan, you’re in for a deal!

Emirates crew from everywhere in the world

The airline employs employees from over 150 different nations, so it is not surprising that the crew on each Emirates flight speaks at least nine different languages. This is not uncommon, as the United Arab Emirates is home to people of numerous nationalities. In certain regions of Dubai, locals are extremely uncommon. However, did you know that the majority of its cabin staff, over 20,000 employees, are British?

Emirates Airline Jobs in Dubai 2023-Apply Now
Emirates Airline Jobs in Dubai 2023-Apply Now

Dubai Airport is the third-largest airport in the World

Emirates flew its inaugural trip from Dubai to Karachi, consolidating its dominance in the Middle Eastern city from the beginning. Dubai Airport currently gets almost 90 million passengers annually (89.1 million in 2018), making it the third-largest airport in the world. The Center–Japan airport is perfectly situated between Europe, Asia, and Africa, making it Emirates’ ideal hub.

Emirates trophy cupboard is filled with reward

The Emirati airline received the Skytrax Airline of the Year award in 2001, 2003, 2013, and 2015, among other years. In 2017, Emirates was granted fourth position, behind Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, and ANA. This year, it was named the Airline with the Best In-Flight Entertainment for the third consecutive year.

Emirates transports quite a lot of passengers!

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Emirates is the airline with the highest passenger seating capacity in the world. This is hardly surprising considering that the airline has the largest Airbus A380 fleet on the planet. The A380 is a large, double-decker aircraft that is easily identifiable at any airport.

Flying with Emirates: why it’s a good determination

If we have not yet convinced you that emirate is an excellent airline to fly with, the following information will do so. We have compiled several compelling reasons why Emirates is the airline you should choose for your next long-haul flight:

  • Emirates is a great airline if you’re from a country with a really uncommon language. As previously mentioned, Emirates employs an unfathomable number of different nationalities, so there’s a good chance you’ll encounter someone who speaks your language! It is really wonderful to meet people from other nations, especially when you are far from home.
  • Skytrax has endorsed Emirates for its in-flight entertainment for the past three years in a row. The airline offers a staggering selection of 850 films on 3500 channels. You will certainly not be bored if you choose to fly with Emirates!
  • The Arabian airline runs the majority of its long-distance flights with Airbus A380 aircraft, which have sufficient space for many passengers in first, business, and economy class. Rest assured that the aircraft is still adequately spacious for every passenger to have the space they require.
  • If you have booked an Emirates flight from one side of the globe to the other, there is a high likelihood that you will have to take connecting flights. That is the best way to break up the trip. You will frequently make a stopover in Dubai, Emirates’ primary hub. This is advantageous if you like to spend a few days exploring the Arabic desert and the city.
  • Emirates is reputed to have a good standard for all courses of their meals. Numerous travelers have complimented the airline on the size and diversity of its meals, especially in economy class.
  • Emirates offers a highly lavish First Class and often upgrades passengers. You’ll be pampered from the moment you arrive at the airport until you depart the airport at your ultimate holiday place. Everything will be taken care of, and the service on board is said to be one of the best among First Class flights.

Available Jobs Emirates Airline in Dubai(UAE)

  • Air Transport Crew Cabin Cleaner
  • Customer Support
  • Loader
  • Accountant Computer Operator Cashier
  • Baggage Handler Driver Helper
  • Labor Ac Engineer Electrician

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become employed at Emirates?

To be considered for attendance at our by-invitation-only recruitment events, candidates must submit an online application.

What is Emirates’ compensation?

The average annual pay at Emirates Airlines ranges from 1.4 Lakhs for a Cargo Operations Agent to 43.4 Lakhs for a Solution Architect. The estimated salaries at Emirates Airlines are based on 1,100 salaries provided by various employees.

What credentials are required to work at Emirates?

Cabin Crew Prerequisites:
Be at least 21 years old.
Possess a 212 cm arm reach when standing on your tiptoes.
Minimum height of 5 feet 2 inches (160 cm)
Possessing at least a high school education.
Fluently speak English (written and spoken)
No visible tattoos are permitted when wearing the uniform.
Be physically fit to satisfy the needs of the role.

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