Farm Work Jobs In Australia With Visa Sponsorship

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Farm Work Jobs In Australia2023: Agriculture and dairy farming are two of the most developed industries in Australia, making it one of the most desirable places to farm. Australia’s agricultural sector has announced its intention to sponsor workers for Australian Farm Working Visas beginning in 2023, with approval from the Australian government. Agriculture is a highly sought-after profession in Australia, and it is now the most important industry.

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You may have heard of Australian cows; dairy farmers use cows to produce milk and other dairy products (and occasionally other animals). They may be in charge of the animal’s care, which may include providing or arranging for food, shelter, or medical treatment. Agriculture jobs and fruit picking jobs are both listed in this category. In Australia, they are in high demand, but why is this the case? Because of the rapid development of Australia’s rapidly expanding agricultural sector

If Australian residents were not interested in employment and there were openings, the Australian government authorized agricultural employers to hire people from other countries. This position assists with relocation, housing, and obtaining visa sponsorship. The agriculture industry in Australia is currently facing a significant labor shortage.

They intend to lease at least 180,000 and possibly 200,000 Visa Sponsorship Jobs by 2023. According to the Australian government’s announcement, the country will select 195,000 new immigrants for the fiscal year 2023/24.

Farm Work Jobs In Australia With Visa Sponsorship
Farm Work Jobs In Australia With Visa Sponsorship

Details of Farm Work Jobs In Australia With Visa Sponsorship

  • Job Location: Australia
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Position Type: Farm
  • Worker’s Experience: Not Necessary
  • Knowledge: Not High
  • Age Requirement: Not Necessary
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Relocation: Not Necessary
  • Housing Provided: Not Necessary
  • Annual Salary: $59,179
  • Hourly Wage: $30.35
  • Deadline: 2023-12-28

Benefits of Farming Work Opportunities

  • You do not have any postsecondary education.
  • Unskilled labor and workers with little to no experience are welcome; work is available all year.
  • The individual will have access to either a dwelling unit or housing assistance.
  • Relocation assistance, including travel expenses.
  • If medical insurance is required, the first three months of coverage are included.
  • Visa sponsorship is available.

Blantyre Farms, located near Hardin Young and Cootamundra, is a diversified farming enterprise owned and managed by the same family. The farm covers an area of over 7,000 hectares. There is a permanent and full-time position available here, and it can start at any time.

We are looking for a reliable, honest person with previous experience operating machinery, preferably in the agricultural sector. The post is on the Hardin Farm in Blantyre, which is home to significant dryland crops of Merino sheep and cattle, as well as over 800 hectares of wheat and canola. The technology is cutting-edge, with global positioning systems (GPS).

Qualifications And Prior Experience Are Required

  • Previous experience operating machinery, preferably on a farm;
  • Modern technology knowledge;
  • A valid driver’s license as well as a truck driver’s license are required.
  • Possession of a Chimkent or willingness to obtain one;
  • Possession of a positive attitude and a willingness to travel; • Possession of employment referrals.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

People from all over the world are encouraged to apply for general agricultural worker positions in Australia. It makes no difference where they are from in the world. It is accessible to anyone in any location.

Everyone, including people from countries other than Australia, is welcome to apply. Keep in mind that the company will only contact those who they believe are qualified for the position.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to get farm work in Australia?

    Gumtree is a one-stop shop for finding almost anything in Australia, including farm jobs. Most of the time, you can find the farmers’ phone numbers and contact them directly. Seek is another excellent job-searching website where you can find numerous farm work opportunities.

  • How much do farm jobs pay Australia?

    In Australia, the average farm worker earns $54,000 per year or $27.69 per hour.

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