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Fruit and Nut Grower Jobs in Australia 2023: Do you want to work in the agricultural industry? Are you interested in growing fruits and nuts? Take a look around Australia! Australia is an excellent place for fruit and nut production due to its diversified climate and abundant soil. This article will look at the career prospects in fruit and nut growing in Australia in 2023.

Details About Fruit and Nut Grower Jobs in Australia 2023

Main duties

Fruit and Nut Grower Jobs in Australia 2023
Fruit and Nut Grower Jobs in Australia 2023

The duties and responsibilities of the position include but are not limited to the following:

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  • Planning and coordinating the production and marketing of various fruits and nuts from soil preparation, de-budding, pruning, thinning, and propping to harvest
  • Overseeing and directing the application of chemical solutions (such as pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers ) to crops to protect against disease or insects
  • Cultivating and Preparing the ground for new plantings and grafting new varieties to root stocks
  • Set up and maintain farm vehicles, implements, mechanical equipment, and water supply systems
  • Maintain operation records of crops, such as pesticide use, yields, and costs, and planning crop production to meet market activity
  • Load agricultural and forestry products into trucks, and drive trucks to market or storage facilities
  • Participate in the inspection, grading, sorting, storage, and post-harvest treatment of crops
  • Plans organize, controls, coordinates, and performs farming operations to grow fruit and nuts.

General Responsibilities:

  • To organize and monitor the pruning, thinning, and harvesting of fruits to a satisfactory
  • Standard
  • To monitor pest and disease pressure in crops to determine when best to apply sprays
  • Duties will include monitoring crops and soil moisture levels to determine when best to irrigate and how long
  • General responsibilities to make sure farm maintenance is kept upto date (trellis
  • Structure, hail netting, irrigation lines, and sprinklers)

Skills desired for this position:

  • Handling and moving objects
  • Controlling machines and processes
  • Operating vehicles, mechanical devices, and equipment
  • Communicating with supervisors, peers, or subordinates
  • Developing and building teams
  • Inspecting and scheduling the repair and maintenance of mechanical equipment
  • Organizing, planning, and prioritizing work
  • Establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships
  • Updating and using relevant knowledge
  • Multitasking as required from time to time
  • Creative problem solving


  • Professional CV
  • Passport
  • Original Degree, Diploma certificate
  • Copy Degree, Diploma certificate
  • Original Experience certificate, if available
  • Copy of Experience Certificate, If available


  • Free Food.
  • Free Accommodation.
  • Free Medical Insurance.
  • Free Transport.
  • On-The-Spot Visa Booking (As Soon As The Job Is Confirmed).
  • On-The-Spot Flight (As Soon As The Job Is Confirmed).
  • Paid Holidays.
  • paid Overtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the wages for fruit-picking jobs in Australia?

What does a Picker earn in Australia? In Australia, the average picker’s income is $59,020 per year or $30.27 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level employment start at $53,625 per year, with most experienced workers earning up to $79,232 per year.

What exactly is a fruit or nut grower?

Summary. Fruit and nut growers oversee the planting, cultivation, and harvesting of fruits and nuts. Market Gardener (Fruit), Olive Grower, and Orchardist are some of the specialties available. Working as a Fruit or Nut Grower typically requires relevant crop-growing experience.

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