Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia 2023 – Apply Now

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Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia 2023 Fruit Selecting Employment in AUSTRALIA | Farming Employee Vacancies 2023: Diverse farming and agricultural businesses are seeking fruit-picking workers to begin work immediately. Planting, selecting, pruning, and irrigation work may be required. Applicants with prior experience in farm labor and handling fresh fruits and vegetables will be highly valued.

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Wages and other benefits are paid in accordance with the company’s policies and the Horticultural Award. We have compiled a large number of agricultural job openings (fruit picking, harvesting, and packing) in Australia. Read the following information carefully and then complete the application process.

In Australia, fruit-picking and harvesting jobs are performed on farms. Expect little in the way of entertainment, nightlife, or sights during your fruit-picking work hours, as these options are typically available only in remote areas. There are likely to be a few basic shops, stores, and a pub or resort within a short drive. Due to the remote nature of fruit-picking jobs in Australia, you are likely to have your own vehicle.

Most fruit-picking jobs provide the option to live on-site so that you’re close to your day-to-day work, however, your payment will be reduced to cover the cost of the rent. Fortunately, many of the fruit pickers are backpackers, so it will be an excellent opportunity to make new friends from all over the world. If you’re fortunate, you’ll find an ideal picking partner, which will make fruit picking much more enjoyable.

Australia is one of the world’s largest exporters of fruits, making fruit-picking jobs a significant part of the country’s economy. With beautiful weather, scenic landscapes, and a diverse culture, fruit-picking jobs in Australia are also an excellent opportunity for travelers looking to explore the country while earning money.

Types of Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

Fruit-picking jobs in Australia are diverse and can involve harvesting a wide range of fruits, such as apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, and many others. The type of fruit-picking job will depend on the season and the region. Some fruits are available all year round, while others have specific seasons.

To work as a fruit picker, you must be physically fit and able to work in hot and humid conditions. The job also requires excellent hand-eye coordination and attention to detail. No formal education is required, but some experience in agriculture or farming is advantageous.

Where to Find Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

There are various ways to find fruit-picking jobs in Australia. The most popular is through recruitment agencies, job websites, and local newspapers. Some farms also advertise vacancies on their websites or social media platforms.

It’s advisable to apply for fruit-picking jobs in advance of your arrival in Australia. This gives you enough time to obtain a visa, travel arrangements, and any other necessary documents. Additionally, you should research the different farms and regions to determine which one is best for you.

Cost of Living in Australia for Fruit Pickers

The cost of living in Australia for fruit pickers can vary depending on the region and the farm. Most farms offer accommodation and food to their workers, but the cost may be

deducted from your wages. The average wage for fruit pickers in Australia is around AUD 20 per hour, but it may vary depending on the type of fruit and the region. The cost of living may also be higher in bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

To save money while working as a fruit picker, you can consider sharing accommodation with other workers, cooking your meals, and avoiding unnecessary expenses. You can also take advantage of your free time to explore the local area and enjoy the cultural experiences Australia has to offer.

Working Conditions for Fruit Pickers in Australia

Fruit picking jobs in Australia can be physically demanding, and the working conditions can vary depending on the farm and the type of fruit. The work may involve long hours, repetitive tasks, and exposure to extreme weather conditions.

It’s essential to take care of your health while working as a fruit picker. This includes staying hydrated, wearing sunscreen and protective clothing, and taking breaks when necessary. You should also follow the safety guidelines provided by the farm and report any injuries or incidents immediately.

Visa Requirements for Fruit Pickers in Australia

To work as a fruit picker in Australia, you will need a valid visa. There are different types of visas available, including working holiday visas and temporary work visas. The eligibility criteria and application process may vary depending on your country of origin.

It’s crucial to research the visa requirements before applying to avoid any complications or delays. You should also ensure that you have the necessary health insurance and documents, such as your passport and visa approval letter.

Benefits of Working as a Fruit Picker in Australia

Working as a fruit picker in Australia can be a rewarding experience both personally and professionally. The job offers the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, and explore different parts of the country. It’s also a chance to immerse yourself in Australian culture and lifestyle.

Fruit-picking jobs can provide you with transferable skills that can be useful in other industries. These include teamwork, problem-solving, communication, and time management skills. You can also gain a deeper understanding of the agriculture and farming industry and contribute to sustainable food production.

Newest Fruit Choosing Job Vacancies Needed in Australia 2023

Picking fruit is an excellent way for backpackers to earn extra money while traveling through the Australian countryside. Numerous backpackers use fruit-picking jobs as a way to fund their travels, and in the meantime, they enjoy the beautiful Australian countryside!

Depending on variations in climate patterns and temperatures, the fruit-harvesting season in Australia can vary significantly. However, the picking season typically begins in December and ends in May. Fruit picking requires strenuous physical labor; therefore, you must be physically fit and healthy! Ensure you are prepared to spend the entire day outdoors, frequently under the scorching sun – sunscreen and a hat for sun protection are essentials. Likewise, sufficient water intake is essential.

Fruit and Vegetable Pickers and Packers50 PositionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest 23 – Choosing Capsicums10 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest 2023 – Vegetable Labourers6 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest employee14 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Packer Citrus4 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Pruner Avocado24 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Packer Candy Potato3 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Picker Zucchini5 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Tree Planting20 positionsAustraliaApply
 Nursery Employees30 positionsAustraliaApply
 Farm Labourers – Vegetable Pickers & Packers30 positionsAustraliaApply
 Fruit Packer/ Fruit Stacker/Packshed employee50 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Picker/Packer Avocado30 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Blueberry Pickers – Sandy Seaside10 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest 23 – Vegetable Choosing10 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Picker/Packer Vegetable30 positionsAustraliaApply
 Horticultural Labourers25 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest 23 – Citrus Choosing25 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest 23 – Pumpkin and Capsicum Packers6 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest Employees (Deck Palms– Port Lincoln)50 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Choosing Tomatoes10 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest 23 – Pumpkin and Watermelon Pickers and Packers8 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Packer Banana10 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Almond Polling20 positionsAustraliaApply
 Seasonal Employees500 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Picker Citrus40 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Citrus Pickers10 positionsAustraliaApply
 Pumpkin and Melon farm work100 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest Employees – Lettuce40 positionsAustraliaApply
 Fruit Pickers for Emerald, Qld Farms20 positionsAustraliaApply
 Banana farm work100 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Berry Pickers – Sapphire Seaside20 positionsAustraliaApply
 Farm Labourer – Seasonal Work15 positionsAustraliaApply
 Avocado Choosing70 positionsAustraliaApply
 Citrus Pickers & Packers60 positionsAustraliaApply
 Asparagus Cutter220 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest Employees – Citrus within the Riverland70 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest – Choosing Apples6 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest Employees – glass home tomatoes130 positionsAustraliaApply
 Banana Farm Employees20 positionsAustraliaApply
 Fruit & Vegetable Farm Employees25 positionsAustraliaApply
 Fruit & Vegetable Farm Employees60 positionsAustraliaApply
 Berry Choosing and Packing, Trellising and Tucking180 positionsAustraliaApply
 Harvest Pickers50 positionsAustraliaApply
 Strawberry Pickers & Packers – Dangleberry Farm70 positionsAustraliaApply
 Strawberry Pickers & Packers – GG Group300 positionsAustraliaApply
 Strawberry Pickers & Packers – Solar Candy Berries145 positionsAustraliaApply
 Strawberry Pickers & Packers – Stothart Household Farms130 positionsAustraliaApply
 Strawberry Pickers & Packers – Oasis Berries200 positionsAustraliaApply
 Strawberry Pickers & Packers – Suncoast Harvest120 positionsAustraliaApply
Strawberry Pickers & Packers – Suncoast Harvest120 positionsAustraliaApply

Common Wage of Fruit Choosing Jobs in Australia

Obviously, you want to pick fruit in order to extend your stay in Australia, earn money, and enjoy the Australian countryside. What commission you receive can also be essential information. As a fruit picker, you may be compensated per hour or according to the quantity of fruit you select.

The average salaries are primarily based on the Australia Normal wage rate for informal agricultural work. The hourly minimum wage for harvesting jobs in Australia is $21.6 AUD. Therefore, if you are a skilled and enthusiastic fruit picker who is compensated based on the quantity of fruit you select, you will likely earn more than average!

Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia 2023-Apply Now
Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia 2023-Apply Now

Seasonal Work to increase Working Vacation Visas

Seasonal work in regional Australia is a way to extend your Australian Working Holiday Visa for a second year, which is an excellent opportunity to extend your stay! In any case, eligibility for Working Vacation Visas is mandatory.

Seasonal work must be at least three months long. The Australian government is relatively strict with regard to the definitions of seasonal work and regional Australia. Before beginning work as a fruit picker, be sure to read all of this material thoroughly.

Job Category: Agriculture Jobs
Type of Work: Full-time
Location of Work: Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do Australian fruit-picking jobs pay?

    How much does an Australian Picker earn? The average annual salary for a picker in Australia is $58,500, or $30 per hour. The starting salary for an entry-level position is $52,650 per year, while most experienced workers earn up to $78,000 per year.

  • How much do Australian fruit-picking jobs pay?

    How do I obtain a visa to pick fruit in Australia?
    To pick fruit in Australia, you must be eligible for an Australian Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417 or Work and Holiday Visa Subclass 462, depending on the country that issued your passport, and have the visa approved prior to your arrival.

  • Can I pick my own fruit in Australia?

    Fruit picking and other seasonal work is a great way for young travelers on a working holiday visa to earn money while backpacking in rural areas of Australia. As many backpackers do, it is possible to travel during harvest season and find fruit-picking work along the way.

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