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Hotel Receptionist Jobs In Germany: Are you interested in becoming a Hotel Receptionist at Frankfurt Airport, one of the largest and busiest airports in Germany? Those with experience in hospitality services, retail services, tourism, or hotel management would affirmatively respond. This posting presents you with a fantastic opportunity to become a hotel receptionist at the MEININGER Hotel Frankfurt Airport.

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Tourism and hospitality services are among the top ten skills/positions for which Germany hires international candidates. According to Reuters, over fifty percent of German companies are experiencing a labor shortage. In 2022, the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) discovered an all-time high of 1.74 million unfilled employees across the nation. Particularly skilled workers are in scarce supply.

There are numerous hospitality jobs in Germany. The primary qualification is knowledge of the German language (For receptionist jobs, English-speaking candidates also have a high demand as some job openings accept English-speaking people only). Germany is regarded as one of the highest-paying nations in the EU and worldwide. Germany’s hotel and tourism industry is thriving. The average annual pay for a hospitality professional is €27,788.

First, you are accepted for the position, then your employer provides you with a sponsorship letter (as proof of employment), and then he aids you with the work visa application procedure. Please check the information provided below to learn more about the MEININGER Hotel Receptionist Job opportunity and other Hotel Receptionist Jobs in Germany 2023.

Hotel Receptionist Jobs In Germany For Foreigners 2023
Hotel Receptionist Jobs In Germany For Foreigners 2023

Job details of Hotel Receptionist Jobs in Germany

  • Job title: Hotel Receptionist
  • Location: Frankfurt, Germany
  • Job-type: Full-time
  • Minimum knowledge: No formal education is needed (some employers may demand secondary or high school level education with passes in English and Maths)
  • Minimum experience: One year
  • Expected salary: 27,039 € per year
  • Free Accommodation: For the first two months only
  • Free food: No
  • Free transport: No
  • Free Medical: No

Job Requirements for Hotel Receptionist Jobs in Germany

According to the job ad, the following are the essential qualifications:

  • There is no educational requirement. Nonetheless, other jobs demanded a secondary or high school diploma with English and math proficiency.
  • Any degree, diploma, or certification in Hospitality, Hotel management, or Hotel receptionist is preferred, as well as a certificate in Hotel Front Desk Training.
  • Minimum age of 18 years or older.
  • The candidate must be proficient in English and German (levels A2-B1), and any other language is a plus.
  • Knowledge of front office software and network infrastructure (e.g., ASSD, Fidelio, SIHOT).
  • A complete set of paperwork is required for the work visa.

Job Benefits for Hotel Receptionists Jobs in Germany

  • Attractive Compensation Package Receptionist salaries begin at €6,000 per year, with senior receptionists earning more than €25,000 per year. Increases nighttime and weekend rates.
  • Free Housing for the initial two months.
  • Permanent employment opportunities for qualified applicants with career advancement chances (for example, an experienced receptionist with consistent performance can climb up to the PA level).
  • 5 paid vacation days annually.
  • The hotel gives discounts to staff members’ family and friends.
  • All benefits and rights accordance with German Labor Law.

Responsibilities of a Hotel Receptionist

  • Attending to/greeting guests.
  • Maintaining and maintaining a record of daily check-ins and check-outs.
  • Physically attending to phone calls for queries and service needs.
  • Handling all administrative duties, such as billing, time tracking, managing internet operations such as social media representation or preserving online reputation, filing, photocopying, document management, accepting payments, returning deposits, etc.
  • Reserving meetings, sorting, and forwarding calls to senior management or any relevant department.
  • They may also be required to classify and distribute couriers belonging to clients or personnel.
  • They may be required to arrange travel/visit programs for clients and inform visitors from out of town about local tourism sites and services.

Average Salary of a hotel receptionist in Germany

The majority of a hotel receptionist’s income is determined by his level of experience. According to Grab Jobs, however, entry-level receptionist positions (1-3 years of experience) begin at €6,000 per year, while senior receptionist positions (5-8+ years of experience) can earn up to €27,636 per year. A hotel receptionist earns an average of €1,700 per month and €20,400 per year.

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People Also Ask

  1. How much does a hotel receptionist earn in Germany in 2023?

    How much does a German Receptionist earn? In Germany, the average monthly compensation for a Receptionist is €1,700. In Germany, the average Receptionist pay is €20,400 per year. The starting salary for receptionist employment is €6,000 per year.

  2. Is the hotel receptionist job easy in 2023?

    The workplace is tidy, and the work itself is not physically demanding. Your day-to-day responsibilities may vary, and you will meet a variety of intriguing people on a daily basis. You will collaborate closely with other departments to meet and, preferably, exceed all guest requirements.

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