Jobs For International Applicants In Romania 2023-Apply Now

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Romanian job market

Jobs For International Applicants In Romania 2023 Prior to discussing how to find a new line of work, we should investigate the sectors of the Romanian economy that are ripe with employment opportunities (ideally one for you too).
Fortunately, the unemployment rate in Romania is quite low: 4.80% (as of August 2016).
Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Continental, Google, OMV Petrom, Vodafone, Amazon, Grup Renault Romania, and Coca-Cola HBC Romania are the top 10 most in-demand managers in Romania in 2017, according to a study by Catalyst Solutions.

A few sectors of the Romanian economy are performing better than average and are thus creating more job openings:

What industry is the jobs in Romania?

This metric depicts the distribution of work in Romania by financial sector between 2009 and 2019. In 2019, 21.24 percent of Romanian representatives were dynamic in the agricultural sector, 30.07 percent in the industrial sector, and 48.69 percent in the assistance sector.

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Is it easy to get a job in Romania?

Obtaining a new line of work in Romania may be relatively easy given the current state of the labor market. This has opened numerous doors to employment for outsiders. This is particularly true for individuals seeking professional positions or for those with desirable skills.

Details of Jobs For International Applicants In Romania 2023

Job PositionVarious
Job LocationMultiple Locations In Romania/Europe
NationalityAny Nationality
Monthly SalaryNot Specified
Company NameVarious
Age Requirement19 – 45
Jobs For International Applicants In Romania 2023-Apply Now
Jobs For International Applicants In Romania 2023-Apply Now

VACANCIES LIST of Jobs For International Applicants In Romania 2023

  • Technician in AC
  • Carpenter and Polisher, Operator of the Plant, Chief Engineer, Duty Engineer, Multiskilled Technician
  • Electrician
  • Senior Engineer for Building Service
  • Mason Craftsman
  • Ken’s Repairs
  • Painter, Mechanic
  • Repairman/Maintenance Technician (Overnight)
  • Civil Foreman, Electrical Foreman
  • Shuttering Carpenter
  • Painter, Jipsam Worker, Helper, Furniture Carpenter
  • Welding Foreman, Cook, Excavator Operator, Plumber, Mechanical Foreman
  • Mason
  • Steel fixer, Shawal Operator, Backhoe Operator, Crane Mobile Operator, Sand Blaster Bulldozer Operator, Welder, Electrician, Pipe Fitter, Scaffolding Foreman, and Forklift Operator
  • Accountant General, Payroll Specialist/General Cashier
  • Auditor-Income, Receivable Supervisor

People Also Ask

  1. Can foreigners find employment in Romania?

    Foreigners who wish to work in Romania must possess a valid work permit. EU nationals are exempt from this requirement, but they must still apply for a residence permit. Work permits are tied to a specific position, and the employer typically handles the application’s specifics.

  2. How do I find employment in Romania?

    The National Agency for Employment (NAE) Romania, the British Council Romania (if you’re looking for a job teaching English), and EURES – European Job Mobility Portal is among the job-hunting websites that can help you achieve your objective (this site is in Romanian).

  3. Is it simple to get a job in Romania?

    Working in Romania may appear difficult due to its competitive job market, but with its growing economy, there are always opportunities, especially for skilled ex-pats looking to enter the job market, as well as those who speak highly sought-after languages.

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