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Canada is a well-known destination for individuals seeking employment opportunities, but it may be difficult for foreigners without Canadian work experience to find employment there. Numerous businesses in Canada favour candidates with previous work experience, education, and language skills. However, there are some markets that may be more receptive to hiring foreigners without experience, including hospitality, manual labour, and caregiving. In addition, there are temporary employment programmes for immigrants that allow them to work in Canada for a limited time. It is essential to remember that obtaining a work permit or visa is required to work in Canada as a foreign national.

Employment without work experience in Canada is certainly not difficult. There is an abundance of opportunities in Canada for foreigners without experience.

The ever-expanding economy of Canada necessitates the hiring of skilled labourers to meet its labour market demands. This has created a fantastic opportunity for individuals in a number of the world’s most popular and highest-paying occupations. The objective of Canadian businesses is to acquire the services of skilled specialists in a variety of fields.

Here is a listing of the best jobs in Canada for those without prior work experience. Despite the fact that these jobs require little experience, they offer higher salaries and the potential to earn substantially more in the future due to growth.


It can be both exciting and difficult to start a job in a new country. Canada is famous for its friendly people, and there are many job chances for people from other countries. This piece will show you the different kinds of jobs that are available in Canada for people who have never worked before.

Understanding the Canadian Job Market

There is a need for both skilled and untrained workers in Canada’s job market. Foreigners looking for work in this market need to understand how it works in order to get a job.

 Details About Jobs In Canada For Foreigners Without Experience

Job Position:Best 10 Jobs In Canada For Foreigners Without Experience
Profession Stage:Mid Profession
Job Kind:Full Time
Min. Schooling:Excessive College / Secondary
Job Class:Best 10 Jobs In Canada For Foreigners Without Experience
Min. Expertise:1-2 Years of Related Expertise
Job Location:Torrento & Throughout Canada
Wage:CAD 3000-6000
Advantages:Glorious Advantages + As Per Canada Regulation
Hiring By:Employer

List Of 10 Jobs For Foreigners Without Experience In Canada And Their Average Salary

Kitchen Helper

This position requires neither previous experience nor formal education. Numerous restaurants and coffee shops would employ individuals for this purpose. A position like this in the food service industry could be a significant stepping stone for anyone seeking to develop a career in restaurant management as a chef, host, or even trainer. The on-the-job training will be exceptionally advantageous for climbing the career ladder. The average annual salary would be $26,000 to $48,000.

Treatment Giver

Some businesses provide on-the-job training and valuable knowledge. House Instead Senior Care is a company that provides a variety of non-medical services that enable seniors to age in the comfort of their own homes and address the challenges of old age with compassion, care, and dignity.

In addition to stating whether the expertise is actually required or not, job advertisements will also specify what is actually required of you. The average annual wage would range between $27,300 and $ 34,125.


Numerous large food service industries in Canada employ thousands of individuals. They provide these services to schools, colleges, healthcare facilities, office complexes, senior living communities, tourist destinations, sporting venues, remote camping grounds, military installations, and other locations. The average annual salary will range from $26,000 to $32,561.


Being outdoors, working with one’s hands, and making things grow are all facets of being a landscaper. If not, the compensation for this position is quite generous.


They find the best job prospects by travelling with LinkedIn and assisting companies with displaying screens and conducting meetings. The average annual salary would approach $120,000 per year.


They’re crucial to the success of any business, and there may not be a lot of requirements to get in the door, making it an excellent career path if you’re looking to make a living without acquiring a number of institutions or licences. The average annual income would likely exceed $162,600 per year.

Area Attendant

A position on the housekeeping staff of a hotel does not require prior experience, and on-the-job training is provided. A Room Attendant is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of all guest rooms and storage areas. The average annual wage would likely range between $25,867 and $35,526.

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In the bustling city of Toronto, cashier work is in high demand and a great career choice. They require a team player with excellent communication skills who is able to manage customers and cash, assist customers, and support the promotions department. The average annual salary will range between $29,441 and $34,701.

Chauffeur Residential

As a result of the growing population and expanding demand, there is frequently a great demand for private chauffeurs. Prospects must be at least 18 years old, possess a valid driver’s licence, and have a clean criminal record. The average annual salary will range between $29,250 and $44,068.


The food market has a great need for the packaging project. The average annual salary will range from $22,880-$41,600. Due to the increasing demand for food, this team utilises numerous work opportunities.


 In conclusion, it is hard to get a job in Canada as a stranger without experience, but it is possible. You can build a successful career in your new home if you know how the job market works, use the tools that are available to you, and show off your unique skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we get a job in Canada with no experience in 2024?

    Yes. Even without work experience, you can still find employment in Canada. However, your success depends on a number of factors, including whether or not you are already in Canada and whether or not you have a Canadian education.

  2. Which job is easiest to get in Canada in 2024?

    The most in-demand jobs in Canada are also the easiest to obtain. These professionals include web developers, veterinarians, drivers, receptionists, registered nurses, engineers, welders, tradespeople, and optometrists. Part-time and entry-level jobs are typically easier to obtain, but they do not pay well.

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