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Norway visa sponsorship jobs 2023: People from countries that are not members of the EU or EEA can visit Norway. The number of jobs that will sponsor your visa in Norway has increased. The work visas that are available for Norway come in a few distinct flavors. You have the option of applying for skilled workers, seasonal workers, those who are self-employed, as well as employees in humanitarian organizations, religious organizations, or organizations that are not for profit. You need to have a letter of employment offer from Norway. After that, you will be able to submit an application for a work visa. There is a need for skilled labor in several high-demand sectors of Norway’s economy, and Norway is willing to hire such labor. Those individuals from other countries who are in possession of these in-demand abilities have a decent probability of being accepted. You need to submit your visa application to the Norwegian Embassy. Opportunities for employment can be found in a variety of businesses and organizations throughout Norway.

There are over 5.5 million people living there, and other than Norwegian, English is the language that is spoken the most. Applicants from other countries are eligible for Norway’s tuition-free education system as well. The work must typically be done on a full-time basis. Your request for a visa to enter the country will be taken into consideration by the embassy. In this post, we will provide you with information regarding the List of Jobs in Norway, the Method for Locating Jobs in Norway, and the Skills That Are in the Highest Demand in Norway. Join us, and read on for more information in the following paragraphs.

Details Regarding Norway’s Visa Sponsorship Job Granting in 2023:

Norway visa sponsorship jobs 2023 - Apply Now
Norway visa sponsorship jobs 2023 – Apply Now

Norway is providing skilled employees with entry visas so they can apply for a residence/work permits.

  • Norway offers jobs to foreign nationals.
  • Jobs in high demand available to foreigners:

Engineering Jobs Developer Jobs Information Technology & Communications Jobs Teaching Jobs Tourism Jobs Legal Jobs Seafood Jobs Oil & Gas Jobs Hotel Jobs Building & Construction Jobs Nursing & Medical Jobs

Here you will find information about the various categories of employment, including skilled employees, seasonal workers, exchange programmes, vocational training, seafarers, etc.

Requirements for entrance visas:

  • You must have applied for a residence permit for skilled workers with an employer in Norway or a residence permit for athletes or coaches, or intend to do so.
  • You must have received a particular job offer from a Norwegian firm.
  • Typically, the position must be full-time.
  • You must possess the credentials of a skilled worker.

If you intend to work in a profession that requires permission or authorization, you must possess the necessary approval or authorization (external link). For instance, health staff must submit an authorisation or licence from the Norwegian Directorate of Health (external website).

How To Apply
How To Apply

How to Apply for a Visa to Enter Norway:

  • You must submit your application at a Norwegian embassy.
  • Submit an application for a visitor’s visa, but indicate that you wish to be issued an entrance visa (D visa).
  • If you have not yet filed your application for a residence permit, you must now submit all the documents on the skilled worker checklist.
  • The embassy will consider your application for an entry visa. However, if your application is denied, you can appeal the decision by writing to the embassy. The embassy will perform another evaluation of your application. It will subsequently be transmitted to the UDI for approval or rejection.
  • Click here for further information.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs for Foreigners in Norway 2023

Visa Sponsorship Jobs for Foreigners in Norway 2023: Beginning a professional career in Norway is nothing more than a pipe dream, as it involves significant effort and constant struggle. After overcoming all difficulties, however, there are hundreds of open employment in many industries that give lifetime benefits, excellent pay, and unforgettable experiences. Applicants who are unable to make enough money in their native countries can go to Norway for improved earning opportunities.

Details About Visa Sponsorship Jobs for Foreigners in Norway 2023

A few years ago, I also relocated to Norway seeking a high-income job due to dire financial circumstances. Initially, it felt like a difficult choice, but as time passed, I noticed a significant change in my savings, working hours, and work-life balance. Other interested international applicants can apply for positions in healthcare, universities, banks, labor fields, etc., and live a stress-free life there, just as I have.

 Jobs in the Norwegian Aviation Industry:

First on our list are the well-paying positions in the Aviation industry, such as National Airlines, Various Flying firms, and Airports. One can work as a Flight Instructor, Air Traffic Controller, Ticket Agent, or Pilot. In the meantime, the average estimated salaries for the aforementioned positions, inclusive of extraordinary benefits, are NOK 974,577 per year, NOK 289,000 per year, NOK 341,000 per year, and NOK 481,000 per year, respectively.

However, these outstanding positions are vacant at Flyr Airline, Pilot Flight Academy, Qatar Airways, Oslo Airport, etc., and they are seeking qualified applicants to fill them. For an Airline Ticketing Agent, a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Science, or a diploma in the relevant discipline with skills in reservation and customer service is required. However, experienced pilots must have a clean criminal record, a valid passport, English fluency, and a Bachelor’s degree in aviation in addition to a Private Pilot License. Similarly, an Air Traffic Controller must possess a Bachelor of Science in Flight Crew Training, and a Flight Instructor must possess a Bachelor of Science and a Commercial Pilot license.

Jobs in the Norwegian Healthcare Sector:

The Norwegian healthcare system is often regarded as the most advanced and best healthcare management system in the world, with well-compensated positions for registered nurses, medical directors, physiotherapists, physicians, etc. Under these jobs, a trained nurse can make NOK 459,000 per year, a reputable Medical Director can earn NOK 2,122,081 per year, a physiotherapist can earn NOK 1,130,000 per year, and a General Physician can earn NOK 1,440,000 per year.

On the other hand, those who are interested might apply for these prestigious positions at Bergen Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation, Haukeland University Hospital, Stephens Memorial Hospital, and other hospitals. Physicians in Norway are required to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Medicine and a medical license. Similarly, a Registered Nurse must possess a Bachelor’s degree in a nursing program approved by the Norwegian Health Directorate. Similarly, physiotherapists are required to hold a diploma/ certificate/ Bachelor of Science degree in the relevant discipline in addition to an employment certificate. However, medical directors are required to have a medical degree or an equivalent along with training in Good Clinical Practice and biotechnology.


Teaching Jobs in Norway:

In Norway, one can also pursue a professional career in the prestigious field of Teaching. In the subject of education, there are numerous high-paying work options available. As an Associate Professor, one can earn approximately NOK 688,085 per year, a Secondary School Teacher will earn approximately NOK 495,000 per year, and a Senior Lecturer will earn NOK 862,000 per year, with unlimited benefits.

Under these opportunities, an applicant from abroad may work at Kristiansand International School, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the University of Agder, etc. The minimal educational qualifications for secondary school instructors are a TEFL certificate and a Bachelor of Science degree. Associate Professors must have a Ph.D. in education or early childhood education, while lecturers must have a Master’s or Post-Ph.D. with published scholarly work in the relevant discipline.

Jobs in the Norwegian Banking Sector:

Here is your opportunity to uncover banking sector employment in Denmark if you’re keen to join the Norwegian corporate banking market. Dozens of respectable Danish banks are seeking overseas talent to propel the nation’s financial system to new heights. In this regard, numerous job openings exist at Nordea Bank, IEG-Investment Banking Groups, Solace Corporation, etc.

In the meanwhile, earnings in the Danish banking industry may vary based on academic credentials and work experience. If you are talented and skilled, you can make approximately NOK 106,000 as a Customer Service Representative, NOK 1,170,000 as a Finance Manager, NOK 630,000 as an experienced Accountant, and NOK 1,040,000 as a Branch Manager.

However, Finance Managers and Accountants must have a BS/MS in Accounts, Finance, and Economics in addition to 5 to 10 years of relevant professional experience. In the interim, a Customer Care person must have secondary education or equivalent, Norwegian or English fluency, and an understanding of Microsoft Office. Lastly, the Branch Manager must possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Administration, Commerce, or Finance, as well as two to three years of relevant professional experience.

Engineering Jobs in Norway:

Similarly to other professions, engineering offers interesting work opportunities with good compensation. Here, extraordinarily skilled individuals can demonstrate their abilities as Mechanical Engineers, Chief Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Chemical Process Engineers, among others. In the meantime, the expected salary for the aforementioned positions is NOK 545,000 per year, NOK 902,425 per year, NOK 590,000 per year, and NOK 621,000 per year, respectively. Alternatively, relevant roles are available at Baker Hughes Norway, Nigel Wright Group, 7ocean AS, COWI, etc.

International engineers desiring to work as Lead Engineers in Norway are required to hold a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant engineering subject and have experience with project planning and risk management. However, Electrical and Mechanical engineers must have a Certificate in Engineering or a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering, as well as expertise in hydraulic control systems. Similarly, Chemical Process Engineers with a Bachelor’s degree and expertise in R&D, the Lime Industry, or process engineering are encouraged to apply.

Hotel Jobs in Norway:

As the most popular tourist destination in the world, working in hotels in Norway affords destitute individuals numerous opportunities to earn money.

It is possible to work as a night receptionist for NOK 302,000 per year, a chef for NOK 524,462 per year, a restaurant supervisor for NOK 725,000 per year, and an experienced bartender for NOK 233,000 per year. These intriguing positions are currently available at Quality Hotel Expo, Nordic Hotels & Resorts, Radisson Hotel Groups, Dalen Hotel, etc.

In terms of educational qualifications, a Restaurant Supervisor should possess a bachelor’s degree along with leadership, communication, and organizational abilities. Receptionists must have English and Norwegian proficiency, a high school diploma or equivalent, and outstanding verbal and written communication skills, as well as one year of work experience. However, the chef must have three years of hospitality experience and knowledge of proper sanitary techniques. And Bartender requires a high school diploma along with customer service, communication, and math skills.

Deadline For Application; 2023-12-23

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Frequently Asked Questions

What professions are in demand for immigrants in Norway?

In addition, Norway has a great demand for professionals in the fields of pharmacy, HVAC engineering, and railway engineering. There is no discrimination in who can apply for these jobs, which have a very high conversion rate. Nevertheless, knowledge of Norwegian is a requirement for some employment in Norway.

Is working in Norway challenging for foreigners?

The hardest challenge for an immigrant to Norway to overcome is finding employment. Even the most seasoned foreigner faces competition from highly educated workers who speak English close to fluently.

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