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Office Clerk Jobs In Canada 2023 Do you value honesty and creativity? How about fervor and concern? Nice! That is why you will fit right in with us. Our deliberate culture encourages belief and involvement, encouraging you to bring your heart and mind to work daily.

Details of Office Clerk Jobs In Canada 2023

CategoryHospitality Job  
Job TypeFreelance  
LocationPrince Albert, SK, Canada
Pay Vary$37,788.00 – $47,256.00


This is advanced clerical, semi-technical, or administrative labor that requires analysis and interpretation of policy in completing job requirements and resolving work problems governed by established guidelines, laws, and precedents. This location provides administrative assistance to the work unit. Work is controlled through periodic checks for precision, high quality, and obedience to instructions, or through the structured form of the work itself. Discretion in work strategies and procedures is exercised inside structured limits.


Not all-inclusive or relevant to all assignments

  • Checks documents for accuracy, reviews and corrects errors, checks cash amounts, groups documents to be forwarded for further processing, and maintains associated data.
  • Checks, reviews, and/or validates policies, data, forms, applications, inventory, and other documents for completeness, accuracy, retention, and conformance with set standards.
  • Take primary claims information from the customer and enter it into the GIS claim file for distribution to the adjusting staff.
  • On the computer system, inputs proclaim knowledge and requests for information (s).
  • Creates standard correspondence and/or thank-you letters.
  • Policies, forms, invoices, and other documents are coded.
  • The handling of windshield/glass claims in required locations.
  • The administration of funds, accounting for receipts, reconciling cash, and maybe making bank deposits.
  • Maintains standard file information and logs and may be necessary to manually and automatically search for and evaluate file documents.
  • Provides information and/or answers to inquiries from internal and external customers based on departmental procedures.
  • Provides switchboard services by receiving, transferring, and/or referring calls to the appropriate department and/or individual, as required.
  • Maintains information and various data and/or acquires required data and prepares routine studies linked with the data.
  • Assembles supplies and follows standard or supplied instructions to type documents.
  • Could perform elementary clerical tasks and simple copy typing.
  • Opens, stamps, sorts, send, and/or distributes mail; orders and maintains standard office supplies.
  • Manage adjuster attendance at training seminars and workshops where required.
  • Handles receptionist duties for the department.
  • We evaluated departmental attendance statistics.
  • Utilizes standard workplace machines and tools.
  • Provide entrance counter assistance.
  • Performs related responsibilities as assigned.
Office Clerk Jobs In Canada 2023
Office Clerk Jobs In Canada 2023

Data and Ability

  • Knowledge of submitting i.e. primary group, common technique, submitting/retrieval software, follow-up information, using submitting instruments, recognizing various types of introducing methods and accurately filing further entries into them.
  • Abilities in phone etiquette, such as phone answering, communication, prospects, decision-making, listening, professionalism, phone personality, and terminology.
  • Coding information, i.e., employing simple codes precisely.
  • Capacity to complete forms, i.e., to select information from a body of knowledge and submit it in the appropriate manner.
  • Reading comprehension, or the capacity to comprehend written instructions.
  • Ability to proofread, i.e., accurately verify names and numbers; learn, acknowledge, and highlight mistakes.
  • Calculation of arithmetic, decimals, fractions, percentages, problem-solving using arithmetic, ratio and proportion, statistics,, and graphs are covered.
  • Knowledge of computer fundamentals, i.e., private laptop utilizing the corporate software programs for enterprise requirements, including but not confined to file administration, electronic mail correspondence, Home windows, etc.

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Schooling and Expertise

  • Passable job efficiency

The behavioral competencies required for this position are:

  • Planning & Organizing – Working Degree
  • Oral Communication – Profession
  • Complexity– Working Degree Written Communication– Working Degree Interpersonal Contacts/Customer Service– Working Degree

SGI is committed to diversity in the workplace and encourages applications from qualified individuals of Indigenous descent, people with disabilities, members of racial or ethnic minorities, and women seeking non-traditional jobs. Please consider informing us if you are a member of an equality-focused organization.

How to Apply for Office Clerk Jobs In Canada 2023?

If you are interested in applying, apply through the given option.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is receptionist employment popular in Canada?

    Demand and supply of labor are anticipated to be roughly in balance for this occupation group at the national level between 2022 and 2031.

  2. What credentials are required to work as a receptionist in Canada?

    Canadian Receptionist Qualifications
    A secondary school diploma.
    Excellent English skills.
    Customer service capabilities.
    IT skills.
    Organization skills.
    Time Management skills.

  3. What degree is appropriate for a receptionist?

    The majority of receptionist professions require a high school diploma or GED. Some positions demand an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business or communications. Receptionists must be proficient in word processing, typing, computers, multi-line phone systems, and office decorum.

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