Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas Industry Jobs 2023-Apply Now

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About Saudi Aramco –

Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas Industry Jobs 2023 Saudi Aramco’s responsibilities across the value chain contribute to the development of an energetic energy region in Saudi Arabia while establishing global strength and opportunity.
Aramco, based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, traces its origins back to 1933, when a Concession Agreement was signed, bringing American geologists to Saudi Arabia. From that point forward, we have become the world’s leading energy and manufactured materials association, driving global exchange and improving the lives of people everywhere on the planet.
From our demonstrated upstream capacities to our purposefully planned overall downstream relationship, as well as our cutting-edge sensibility advancements, we are exceptional.
In Saudi Arabia, experienced specialists are seeking employment with Aramco. With positions in planning, geosciences, exhaustion, and preparation, to name a few, Aramco is continuously searching for the best talent to join the organization.

  • According to the 2018 Oil and Gas UK Workforce Report, oil and gas companies support approximately 283,000 jobs in the United Kingdom alone, indicating the global scope of this industry. The oil and gas industry functions in a variety of ways, offering a variety of opportunities and benefits to those who possess the necessary educational foundations and professional skills.
  • Even though there is a rumored lack of raw petroleum and environmental concerns have been raised, this industry is still advancing, with a greater focus on carbon management and the planet’s health.
  • We as a whole focus on the components of a job in an atypical manner; some individuals may prioritize job satisfaction over monetary compensation, whereas others may prioritize location or travel opportunities. Numerous reasons exist for contemplating this career path, including the presence of numerous work-related opportunities in this demanding field.

Why Should You Choose the Oil and Gas Industry?

According to the International Energy Agency, the energy sector is a significant contributor to global GDP, contributing 2.2% of the total in 2016.

If you are interested in a career in the oil and gas industry or the broader energy sector, this industry offers numerous enticing advantages.

Due to a number of factors, including the required educational background, this field typically offers above-average compensation. In any case, additional motivators, such as monetary incentives, will likely become the most important factor in attracting workers to potentially remote work sites. Individual compensations vary significantly based on experience levels and job-specific skills but rarely begin below £25,000. Those in senior or more talented positions can command substantially higher salaries.

Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas Industry Jobs 2023-Apply Now
Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas Industry Jobs 2023-Apply Now

Details of Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas Industry Jobs 2023

Work PositionVarious
Work LocationSaudi
EthnicityAny Nationality
Month-to-Month SalaryNot Specified
Organization NameSaudi Aramco
Work sourceSaudi Aramco Website

Benefits of Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas Industry Jobs 2023

  • Attractive Compensation Bonuses
  • Rental Housing Death Benefits
  • Free Air Travel
  • Annual Paid Leave Health Insurance Meals And Lodging

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VACANCIES LIST for Saudi Aramco Oil and Gas Industry Jobs 2023

1) Accountant
2) Mechanical Engineer
3) Civil Engineer
4) Electrical Engineer
5) Graphic Designer
6) Software Engineer
7) Petroleum Engineer
8) Chemical Engineer
9) Field Safety Advisor
10) Senior Project Engineer
11) Reliability Engineer
12) Attorney
13) Cost Engineer
14) Digital Petrographer
15) Water Treatment Engineer
16) Lead IT Auditor
17) Contracts Advisor
18) Energy Specialist
19) Marketing Analyst
20) Rotating Equipment Engineer
21) Estimating Engineer
22) Civil/Structure Engineer
23) Industrial Designer
24) Process Engineer – Aromatics
25) Quality & Risk Coordinator
26) Industrial Control System Engineer
27) Mechanical Stationary Equipment Engineer
28) Drilling Foreman
29) Project Manager
30) Mechanical Project Engineer
31) Mechanical Inspector
32) Offshore or Onshore Geotechnical Engineer
33) Lead Financial Auditor
34) Petroleum Engineering Systems Analyst
35) Gas Reservoir Management Petroleum Engineer
36) Oil Facilities Planning Engineer
37) Instrumentation Engineer
38) Drilling Engineer
39) Loss Prevention Engineer
40) Scheduling Engineer
41) Maintenance Engineer
42) Tax Counsel
43) Vibration Engineer
44) Safety Engineer
45) Primary Elementary Teacher
46) Quality Engineer
47) Senior Gas Production Engineer
48) Instructional Designer
49) HR Professional
50) Nonmetallic Engineer
51) Marketing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the median wage at Saudi Aramco?

    The average annual salary at Saudi Aramco ranges from $45,000 for Inventory Specialist to $231,669 for Senior Electrical Engineer. The average hourly wage at Saudi Aramco ranges from $19.90 per hour for a Supply Chain Specialist to $159 per hour for an SAP Project Manager.

  2. How long is Aramco’s hiring process?

    It takes approximately six months to complete.

  3. Does Aramco hire new graduates?

    We typically seek candidates with at least five to ten years of relevant experience. At Saudi Aramco, innovation is highly valued, and thesis work that advances the industry’s general understanding of oil and gas exploration and production is of particular interest.

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