Security Guard Jobs in UK for Foreigners 2023 Apply Now

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Security Guard Jobs in UK for Foreigners 2023: To work as a security guard in the United Kingdom, one must pass a background check and receive appropriate training through the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Learn everything you need to know about becoming a security guard in the United Kingdom (UK) even if you are not a citizen there right now. In addition, we will supply you with resources to access the directory of UK security positions. Some of the businesses we’ve researched provide visa sponsorship for international employees.

If you’ve ever wanted to work in the United Kingdom, now is your chance—but if you skim this page, you might miss out on the chance of a lifetime. Please review this page carefully before submitting an application.

Details About Security Guard Jobs in UK for Foreigners 2023

Security Guard Jobs in UK for Foreigners 2023 Apply Now
Security Guard Jobs in UK for Foreigners 2023 Apply Now
  • The United Kingdom as a nation
  • Type of job: Security Guard Prior experience necessary and required yes
  • Yes, Prior Knowledge Is Required
  • Age Limit: Minimum 18 – 22 Years
  • Sponsorship for Visas: Offers from various companies

Benefits of Security Guard Jobs in UK for Foreigners 2023:

The advantages of working as a security guard in the United Kingdom might differ from one employer to another and from one position to another, but the following are some of the more typical advantages that may be provided:

  • Pay that is competitive
  • Job stability
  • Having a variety of job options
  • Possibility of career promotion opportunities
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Instruction & Instructional Programs

Average Salary of Security Guard Jobs in UK for Foreigners 2023:

It is possible for factors such as geography, years of experience, and the kind of employer to have a significant impact on a security guard’s typical wage in the United Kingdom. Around £19 000 is the annual wage that is considered to be the norm for a security guard in the UK. However, this number is subject to significant change based on the particular area as well as the level of expertise held by the security guard.

How To Apply
How To Apply

How to Make an Application for Jobs as a Security Guard in the UK:

These are the steps that you will normally need to do in order to submit an application for a job as a security guard in the United Kingdom:

  • Attain the minimum necessary standards: You are required to be at least 18 years old, in possession of a valid work permit or visa (where applicable), and have a valid license issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). A background check and a spotless criminal history are two additional requirements that must be met by the applicant.
  • Look for employment opportunities You can look for work as a security guard on a variety of job search websites, such as, LinkedIn, the website of the company, and even in local newspapers.
  • Make sure your application is ready: Putting together a curriculum vitae (often known as a CV) that showcases your relevant experience and talents while also providing clear and up-to-date contact information is essential. A cover letter could be required by some employers as well.
  • Apply for the position by sending the employer your curriculum vitae and a cover letter (if one is requested), either via email, regular mail, or the online application form.
  • Interview: Should we decide to move forward with your application, we will contact you to schedule an interview. Employers are going to be looking into your qualifications, and your previous work experiences, and determining whether or not you are a good fit for the position.
  • Following the interview, it is in your best interest to follow up with the employer regarding the status of your application in order to confirm whether or not you have been accepted for the position.
  • It is essential to keep in mind that various companies may have varying application procedures; hence, it is best to examine the particular requirements for each position that you apply for.

SIA Security Guard Job In UK 20243

Company Description

Within the H&M Group, Logistics is responsible to make our fashion flow in a sustainable, qualitative, and efficient way. We put the customer in focus and our job is about fulfilling the customer promise and creating a great online and in-store shopping experience. ​

In Autumn 2019 we open the H&M Group’s first OMNI (online and store) Logistics Centre in Milton Keynes (+- 73,000 m²). The Logistics Centre employs over 1000 ambitious, committed, and motivated colleagues who share our values and take responsibility for all daily distribution and Logistics operations for the UK/IE online and over 250 stores.​

Job Description

As a Security Guard, you are overseeing and managing the security and safety within the site. You support the site security manager and local management team to ensure that a site is a place where employees, constructors, and visitors can feel safe. You are reporting to the Logistics Site Security manager.


• Work in a proactive way by analyzing and assessing any potential risks and take actions to minimize disruptions to the business operation
• Follow up on safety, security, and information security standards throughout the local logistics organization
• Prevent health & safety issues on H&M premises
• Deliver the most reliable service by creating a working climate that avoids the risk of fire, criminal behaviour, and injuries
• Follow up on all local legislation and legal requirements concerning security awareness
• Safeguard company assets including people and information
• Ensure that company policies and guidelines are followed
• Constant follow-up on Loss Prevention tools to minimize internal and external theft
• Initiate and execute fraudulent investigations


• Knowledge about safety laws
• Experience within the security or maintenance field
• Self-driven and motivated
• Excellent communication across all levels and understands the importance of effective communication in a variety of different situations
• Can react quickly and calmly in emergencies


• Flexible for a 24-hour operation


SIA License

Additional Information

At H&M, there are no set career paths. You will find continuous learning opportunities, and colleagues who will encourage and support your growth in whatever path you choose to explore. At H&M, you will have the chance to explore a wide variety of potential roles. We are a destination for curious minds and the more curious you are, the better!

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