Skills Shortage Jobs in Iceland 2023 – Apply Now

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Skills Shortage Jobs in Iceland: You may be wondering why you should consider working in the middle of the North Island, and to your surprise, I have some convincing reasons to give, my favorite of which is the scenic views that Iceland has to offer. To be honest, if I can make a good living in Iceland, I would prefer to live there because of the dramatic scenery of glaciers, modern European culture, volcanoes, northern aurora lights, geysers, and availability.

In fact, no one would mind working in Iceland if I told you that this beautiful Iceland is actually the second largest island in Europe, after Great Britain, where you can be captured by some of the top European industries, and the good thing about this Nordic island is that the majority of its population speaks English, so I believe you will easily adjust there if you start a job as a foreigner.

Skills Shortage Jobs in Iceland:

Skills Shortage Jobs in Iceland 2023
Skills Shortage Jobs in Iceland

But the question is why the Iceland government would allow their employers to hire internationally skilled workers. Let me tell you that there are certain job occupations in Iceland (particularly in Reykjavik – Iceland’s capital) that are in high demand, and as a result, a shortage of certain skills is observed there, and this is where you have to make your place by applying for these jobs for which Iceland companies are unable to find local talent.

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As a result, in this post, I will discuss the skills shortage employment occupations that are in great demand in Iceland, as well as the academic qualifications, experience level, certifications, and average salary.

Careers in Iceland’s Geothermal Power Industry

I will begin by explaining the scope of geothermal power sector jobs for you in Iceland, but first, you should know that Iceland is a pioneer in producing electricity from geothermal power generation means (Source), and to meet the needs of their geothermal power sector they face skilled worker shortages, which is where I advise you to apply for a job because if you are a geothermal power engineer/diploma/experience holder then you can actually find high paying jobs in Iceland. And now, let me inform you that if you start working in Iceland’s geothermal power business, you may expect to earn between ISK 180k and 600k per month in salary and perks.

Jobs in Iceland for Fish Processing

Do you know that Iceland is now the second largest fish producer country in Europe (according to the Icelandic government), in some reports, Iceland is also classified as a fish-dependent country, which is why Iceland has become a modern hub of the fishing industry, enticing local and foreign skilled workers with generous pay packages to ensure the smooth operation of their fishing operations. One of the most prevalent and in-demand jobs in Iceland is for competent fish processors, and there are hundreds of fish processing employment opportunities available in Iceland, with an average annual income of roughly ISK 50,000. (source).

Jobs in Iceland’s Aluminium Smelting Industry

Now that this sector of Iceland is very important because it is the second largest industry in Iceland after fisheries, let us concentrate on it because there are three large aluminum smelting companies operating in Iceland that are producing job vacancies for production engineers, smelter operators, cast house workers, smelter process engineers/operators, recyclers, and labors.

You may be wondering why these aluminum smelting companies are working in Iceland. The answer is simple: cheaper electricity in Iceland is available through renewable geothermal and hydroelectric power generation, which is why all three non-governmental aluminum smelters in Iceland are contributing to the creation of a large number of jobs for which local staff hiring is insufficient, and they are permitted by the Iceland government to hire international workers (source).

People Also Ask:

  1. What are the most in-demand skills in Iceland?

    Aluminum smelting, geothermal power, fish processing, hydropower, and medical and pharmaceutical products are among the important sectors in Iceland. Iceland is facing a number of skill shortages, which creates a demand for workers in various industries.

  2. What is the most common occupation in Iceland?

    A producer or manager of agricultural production is the most frequent job in Iceland.

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