Skills Shortage Jobs in Netherlands 2023 With Work VISA 

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Skills Shortage Jobs in Netherlands 2023: You might be curious to know why I am sharing Holland jobs information with you today, it is because I see the Netherlands as one of the European countries where talent Shortage jobs are in high demand as a large part of the Netherlands’ population is aging and following the global pandemic companies are unable to find scarce skilled workers to work for them.

Therefore, if you have acquired some in-demand skills with appropriate qualifications and work experience, please also consider applying for skills shortage jobs in the Netherlands and accepting the Netherlands as your new home. Try because, after a few years, you may be eligible to apply. For Dutch citizenship.

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Skills Shortage Jobs in Netherlands 2023 With Work VISA 

Nursing & Doctors Jobs

Now I am going to give you some insight into the healthcare sector jobs in the Netherlands which are in high demand nowadays and you will be happy to know that Dutch healthcare salaries are also quite high and healthcare The sector has the most in-demand skills shortage. Nursing profession with a salary offer of around €4000 – €8000 euro in some hospitals I can advise you where to start by submitting your resume to BovenIJ ziekenusik, Alrijne Hospital Leiden, or Slingeland Hospital.

Skills Shortage Jobs in Netherlands 2023 With Work VISA 
Skills Shortage Jobs in Netherlands 2023 With Work VISA 

Labor Market Jobs in Netherlands

I think this section is the heart of this article because you have to understand how the Netherlands labor market works in 2023 and in this regard, I am happy to say that more than 300,000 labor in the Netherlands every year. New market jobs are created. (Source Statista) In the meantime let me tell you some common jobs in the Netherlands labor market which are production workers, industrial technicians, hospitality workers, production planners, truck drivers, shelf stackers, warehouse workers, and janitors/cleaners. , and our customer service workers. (Source); So if you have any experience or qualifications in these professions (most of these jobs do not require an academic degree), don’t waste time and explore the application procedure at Arbeidsmarktinformatie.

Jobs for Mid Level Educational Qualification Workers

Now let’s talk about skills shortage jobs in the Netherlands that require a mid-level educational qualification such as MBO-2/3/4, HAVO, Diploma, or VWO. So if you have any of these qualifications in the fields of carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, selling products, or painting, I am happy to inform you that the intermediate education level requirements in the Netherlands in 2023 All these professions are also high demand.

Education Sector Jobs

You will be happy to know that there are also some job vacancies in the education sector in the Netherlands which they are finding very difficult to fill as qualified workers are not readily available for some education jobs and I recommend you to them. I suggest applying for academic jobs. For scholars, researchers, postdoctoral fellowships, lecturers, and research assistantships in the Netherlands, but for all these professions you may need high qualifications and scientific publications and you can easily find job opportunities in these Dutch universities. can. Leiden University, Vreij University Amsterdam (Junior Lecturer), Utrecht University, Wageningen University and Research, Erasmus University, NIOD – KNAW, and Wageningen University and Research.

Jobs for Engineers in Netherlands

All my engineering job-seeking friends please pay attention because it’s your turn to hear about skills shortage jobs in the Dutch engineering sector with salaries over €95k per year if I talk So which engineering jobs are in high demand in the Netherlands? There are mechanical engineering, software engineering, and chemical engineering, and you can find engineering jobs at TOPIC Software Development, Fluor Corporation Hoofddorp, and GE Renewable Energy Rijswijk.

Front Desk Receptionists Jobs

You may also find these receptionist jobs in the Netherlands attractive because it also falls under the banner of a skill shortage occupation that does not actually require higher education but requires certain skills such as public dealing, negotiation, and customer support. Ask for the receptionist’s salary. The Netherlands is around €3800.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What skilled workers are needed in the Netherlands?

    Science and engineering professionals are among the most in short-supply occupations in the Netherlands.

  • Is it easy to get a work visa in Netherlands?

    The Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) processes all applications, which must be in English, Dutch, German, or French. The process is often complex and confusing, so it’s best to work with a professional who has local expertise in submitting work visas.

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