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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Russia for Foreigners 2023: Because Russia’s labor market is so expansive, foreign nationals usually command the best salary available to professionals. Large cities, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, provide some of the best employment opportunities, particularly for individuals who are bilingual in Russian and English. More than half of all Russians are employed in the service sector, with retail, tourism, healthcare, and education being the most prominent of the country’s most important service industries. Mining, manufacturing, and construction make up the three most important parts of the industrial sector.

Understanding Visa Sponsorship

Visa sponsoring is a legal procedure that lets people from other countries live and work in Russia. Foreign workers can legally live and work in Russia if their employers sponsor them by giving them work cards.

Why Russia?

Russia is a beautiful country with a long past, a wide range of cultures, and growing industries. It gives people from other countries a unique chance to try a different way of life while moving up in their jobs.

Types of Visa Sponsorship Jobs

In Russia, there are different kinds of jobs that support visas, such as temporary work visas, skilled worker visas, and student visas. You can look into different choices depending on your skills and the field you want to work in.

Sponsorship of Russian work visas for foreigners in 2023:

Following is a list of visa-sponsored employment options for foreigners in Russia:

Visa Sponsorship jobs in Russia for Foreigners 2023 - Apply Now
Visa Sponsorship jobs in Russia for Foreigners 2023 – Apply Now
  • Housekeeper – Room attendant
  • Security alarms specialist
  • Babysitter/Nanny.
  • The attendant at the Food Counter/Supervisor
  • Server and Bartender.
  • Front Desk Receptionist and Production Positions
  • Russian Localization Tester
  • Receptionist or assistant at a spa.

1. Understanding Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Russia

Visa sponsorship is the process of an employer providing a work visa to a foreign employee. In Russia, a work visa is issued to a foreigner who is offered employment by a Russian employer. The visa sponsorship job in Russia is a valuable opportunity for foreigners who wish to work and reside in the country legally.

Requirements for Obtaining a Visa Sponsorship Job in Russia

To obtain a visa sponsorship job in Russia, you need to fulfill some requirements. These include:

Work Permit

A work permit is a legal document that authorizes a foreigner to work in Russia. To obtain a work permit, your prospective employer needs to apply for it on your behalf. The application process can take up to three months, and the permit is valid for one year.

Medical Checkup

You will also need to undergo a medical checkup to prove that you are free from contagious diseases. The medical certificate must be issued by a Russian clinic or hospital and be not more than three months old.

Criminal Record Check

A criminal record check is also required. You must provide a certificate of good conduct from your country of origin or the country you have resided in for the past 12 months.

How to Find Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Russia for Foreigners

There are several ways to find visa sponsorship jobs in Russia for foreigners. These include:

Job Websites

There are several job websites where you can find visa sponsorship jobs in Russia for foreigners. Some of the popular job websites include LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed. You can search for job positions based on your skills and experience.

Social Media

You can also find visa sponsorship jobs in Russia for foreigners on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Many companies post job vacancies on their social media pages, and you can apply for the positions directly.


Networking is an essential aspect of job searching in Russia. Attend networking events and job fairs to meet potential employers and learn about available job positions. You can also join professional organizations in your industry to network with other professionals.

Why are work permits necessary?

Foreign travelers to the Russian Federation are subject to the government’s stringent controls. Consequently, a Russian work permit visa is necessary if you desire to work in Russia. A valid Russian work permit authorizes your ability to reside and work in the largest country in the world.

Recruitment Agencies in Russia:

Russian recruitment firms are an excellent way to find Russian employment opportunities. Most allow you to register online and upload a CV tailored to Russia. The following are some of the most prestigious recruitment firms in Moscow and St. Petersburg:

  • Lapa
  • g-nius
  • Targeting
  • Jobs at Awara
  • Group Globally

Russian employment language requirements:

Even if you do not speak Russian, opportunities exist in Russia for both English- and non-Russian speakers. However, these are typically lower-level employment. Possessing great language abilities can significantly improve your professional prospects, despite the fact that top employees in multinational and global positions may occasionally not speak Russian.

What is the most prevalent profession in Russia?

In 2021, almost 6,6 million Russian men were employed as drivers and operators of mobile equipment, making this the most prevalent occupation for males aged 15 and older.

Work visa classifications in Russia:

To maintain compliance, your employees must possess both a visa and a work permit for Russia. The two options for visas are as follows:

  • This visa is only valid for a single entry and is valid for ninety days. It will be issued by the Russian Consulate on the basis of an invitation to get a work visa, which employees will receive after obtaining a work permit.
  • Multiple-entry: The local office of the Russian Migration Police reissues multiple-entry visas based on the validity of the work permit.
  • Additionally, Russian work visas are an option for employees. Anyone from a non-Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) nation may apply for a standard work permit for the duration of the job contract. First, a temporary residence permit is required. The work visa for highly qualified professionals is accessible to skilled workers who earn more than 1,000,000 RUB annually. This visa is expedited, valid for three years, and allows family members to apply for Russian visas.

Russia Work Visa Requirements:

You must get all work permits on behalf of your employees as an employer. When applying for employment at the GUVM, you must provide the following documentation:

  • A color passport photo.
  • A passport or other proper identification is required.
  • Copies of all mandatory qualifying documents
  • A medical certificate stating the absence of illness.
  • A receipt for all fees paid.

The GUVM will extend an invitation to apply for a work visa to the workers as soon as they obtain a work permit. In addition to submitting an application for a work visa, employees must also provide:

  • A passport is necessary.
  • One passport photograph.
  • Invitational letter.
  • A letter from you outlining the employment, location, and duration of the contract.
  • Medical certification is mandatory.

Visa application procedure for employment:

The first step in obtaining a work visa for Russia is to submit a completed application with a photograph. In addition, you must ensure that your employees’ passports are valid for at least six months following their arrival in Russia. A letter of invitation should also be composed for your personnel, describing their purpose for traveling to Russia and your offer to host them while you are there.

Due to Russia’s additional restrictions on persons traveling with HIV/AIDS, all Russian Federation employees must schedule a doctor’s appointment. Every patient must be tested for leprosy, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS. Employees can submit visa applications in person or through a travel agency, along with the results of their most recent medical examinations. Depending on the type of visa they possess, they may also be required to pay additional fees.

Consider the following factors:

After obtaining a work permit and visa, the employee will be able to work for you exclusively. The visa should include your company’s name so that the authorities can identify your personnel. If an employment contract is terminated, the employee must leave the country and continue the visa application process for a new employer from scratch.

Vacancies for employment in Russia:

Depending on your background, finding employment in Russia may be challenging. Teaching English (other native languages teaching vocations such as French or German are also accessible), working for a multinational firm in industries such as energy, finance, or construction, or, if multilingual, translation are all viable possibilities for English speakers.

The following industries are in high demand in Moscow:

  • IT
  • Business Development
  • Finance
  • Management of Human
  • Resources Pharmaceutical and medical

The following are in short supply in St. Petersburg:

  • Professional in sales
  • Technical
  • Expertise
  • Engineers

Structure of salaries in Russia:

The minimum wage in Russia is examined every six months, however, it does not necessarily rise. The monthly amount was doubled to R12,130.

The average monthly salary in Russia is just above R52,000 per month. In Moscow, however, wages are slightly higher, with several individuals earning over R75,000 per month.

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How to Find Employment in Russia:

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, there are numerous recruitment agencies and job boards. However, they are best suited for highly trained individuals who wish to work for larger organizations. The majority of these businesses require that your resume be composed in English and submitted by email or their website.

How To Apply
How To Apply

Contacting global corporations directly from your own country and inquiring as to whether they conduct business in Russia is an additional useful method for locating employment in Russia. In Russia, these enterprises are more likely to employ foreigners.


There are a lot of jobs in Russia that can help foreigners get visas. You can make your dream of working and living in this beautiful country come true if you take the right steps and are determined.

People Also Ask

  • Can I apply for a work permit in Russia on my own?

    No, your prospective employer must apply for a work permit on your behalf.

  • How long does it take to obtain a work permit in Russia?

    The application process can take up to three months.

  • Is knowledge of the Russian language a requirement for visa sponsorship jobs in Russia?

    It depends on the job position and the company. Some companies require applicants to be proficient in Russian, while others do not.

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