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Healthcare Assistant Jobs In UK 2023 If you have a passion for the healthcare industry and the United Kingdom is your dream work location, you are in good hands! We have compiled comprehensive information about healthcare assistant positions in the United Kingdom that sponsor visas, including job specifics, eligibility requirements, benefits and bonuses, average pay, and platforms where healthcare professionals may find you. The assistant healthcare role is the entry point to other senior and responsible roles in the United Kingdom’s healthcare system and is a requirement for visa sponsorship.

In addition to the NHS (National Health Services), there are numerous private and non-profit organizations seeking trustworthy, compassionate, and industrious individuals to join their teams and assist the sick and needy to live normal and healthy life in their own homes.

Healthcare Assistant Jobs In UK 2023 visa Sponsorship
Healthcare Assistant Jobs In UK 2023 visa Sponsorship - Apply Online 1

Details of Healthcare Assistant Jobs In UK 2023

  • Healthcare Assistant/ Extra Care Position
  • Average Hourly Wage: £12.10
  • Available shifts include every shift (morning, evening, and night)
  • Alternative weekends permitted: Yes
  • Experience essential: No
  • Knowledge necessary (NHS and other national services): excellent literacy and numeracy/ GCSEs or equivalents/ any healthcare qualification such as NVQ or BTEC
  • Required knowledge (private and not-for-profit organizations): There are no prerequisites because specialized training is provided!
  • Access necessary to the vehicle: No
  • Minimum age: twenty years
  • Standard Working Week: 37.5 hours a week
  • Flexible permanent employment

Requirements of Healthcare Assistant Jobs In UK 2023

  • Assist feed patients and serving food to them.
  • Assisting them with clothing, toileting, and washing; assisting them with movement or locomotion
  • Having made their beds
  • Taking pharmaceutical precautions
  • Engaging in their everyday activities such as small talk
  • Monitoring their medical conditions and health by tracking their blood pressure, pulse, temperature, respiration rate, etc.
  • If you work in a general practitioner’s office or healthcare facility, your responsibilities increase, including:
  • Obtaining laboratory samples and analyzing them
  • Sterilizing surgical instruments
  • Check the inventory of consulting rooms and refill them as necessary.

Benefits of Healthcare Assistant Jobs In UK 2023

There are numerous advantages to working as a healthcare assistant in the United Kingdom with visa sponsorship. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Elegant and Competitive Salary Pension Plan
  • Free DBS (Disclosure and Barring Services)
  • Each stage of your career requires specialized training to assure your continued professional development.
  • Reasonable annual leave days (28 days)
  • Enhanced/leading Paternity and maternity pay at work
  • Death in a service protection
  • Visa Sponsorship
  • Community Benefits

Who is eligible to apply?

You can apply for a healthcare assistant position if you are a British citizen, a British national, a non-national resident, or a foreigner seeking to settle in the UK. Foreigners wishing to pursue a profession in the United Kingdom must possess a work visa. There are several government, private, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that welcome foreigners with open arms and sponsor their work visas.

Other digital jobs search titans, such as Indeed and LinkedIn, also facilitate your discovery by healthcare professionals who can sponsor your visa for a position as a healthcare assistant.

How to Apply for Healthcare Assistant Jobs In UK 2023?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a healthcare assistant in the United Kingdom?

There are no prerequisites for becoming a medical assistant. Companies anticipate high levels of reading and numeracy and may request GCSEs (or equivalent) in English and mathematics. They may require a healthcare credential, such as a BTEC or NVQ. Employers want you to have healthcare or caregiving experience.

How much does a healthcare assistant earn in the United Kingdom?

The average healthcare assistant income is £24,449 per year. Find out how much Healthcare Assistant positions pay in various UK industries and locations. There are 1104 jobs earning more than the average income for a Healthcare Assistant.

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