Australian Dependent Student Visa 2023 – Apply Now

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Australian Dependent Student Visa 2023: The Australian Dependent Student Visa is typically pursued in conjunction with other forms of Australian visas. Students from abroad who enter Australia on a student visa for a 12-month or longer academic period may bring immediate family members as dependents. Spouses, partners, and unmarried children under the age of eighteen are eligible for dependent Australian student visas.

Details About Australian Dependent Student Visa 2023

Student Visa Eligibility Requirements for Australian Dependents

To enter Australia as a dependent on a student visa, the following requirements must be satisfied:

For Dependent Spouse or Partner
The one who relies on you financially must be your husband or de facto partner

If the dependant is your de facto partner, you must have lived with him or her for a minimum of one year and be in a genuine and exclusive relationship.

Australian Dependent Student Visa 2023
Australian Dependent Student Visa 2023

Requirement for Australian Dependent Student Visa

If you want to bring family members to Australia as dependents on your student visa, you must declare them on your visa application form, even if they cannot travel with you.

If you do not declare all family members in your visa application, they will not be able to apply for a dependent visa once you are in Australia.

You must list all your family members on your initial Form 157A in your original student visa application.

Documents are required

If you wish to bring family members to Australia after starting your course, you will need to submit the following documents:

Form 919 (Nomination of Student Dependents)
Form 157A (Application for Student Visa)
A cover letter from the education provider, which reads:
a) Your current syllabus
b) Course length and expected completion date
c) If you have completed all course prerequisites,

  1. Evidence of sufficient funds to support dependents in Australia
  2. Officially issued birth certificates and marriage certificates are proof of your relationship with your dependents.
  3. Proof of school enrollment for your school-going children
  4. Each dependent must provide proof of health insurance.

Rights Granted Under Australian Dependent Student Visa

Dependent partners are allowed to work in Australia. These privileges are contingent on the student’s course of study. These are the rights:

  1. A dependent partner can study in Australia for up to three months on any program.
  2. The dependent partner of a student seeking a bachelor’s degree will be permitted to work up to 40 hours per fortnight.
  3. The dependent partner of a student obtaining a master’s or doctoral degree or conducting research will have complete and unlimited work rights.

How to apply for Australian Dependent Student Visa

To get your Australian dependent visa you will have to be nominated by your partner in his/her application for an Australian student visa. On the hand, he/she will have to nominate you while already studying in Australia.

Application Process For A Dependent Student Visa

  1. Fill out the nomination form (form 919)
  2. Obtain the application’s needed documentation.
  3. Send the completed nomination form to your dependant in another country, together with the needed documentation.
  4. Request that your dependant fill out the 157A Application form.
  5. Notify your dependant that he or she must submit the form 157A Application and the form 919 Nomination, along with all necessary papers, to an Australian mission or consulate near him or her.
  6. When submitting the application form, pay the applicable application fee.
  7. After the Australian mission/consulate has issued the dependent visa, collect it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to obtain an Australian dependent visa in 2023?

Wait and receive approval:
75% of applications for a provisional companion visa (subclass 309) are submitted within 11 months, and 90% within 15 months.

What are the most recent Australia student visa revisions for 2023?

Following 30 June 2023, the maximum number of hours a Student visa holder is permitted to work will increase to 48 per fortnight. This guarantees that Students concentrate on earning a great education and qualification in Australia.

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