Emile Boutmy Scholarships in France 2024 – Fully Funded

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The Emile Boutmy Scholarships 2024 are now open for applications in France. Scholarships are available for all international students studying outside of Europe at the Paris Institute of Political Studies 2024. Students who desire to study in France for an undergraduate or master’s degree are urged to apply. Scholarships are available from Emile Boutmy at Science Po University in Paris, France. For the school year 2024-25, the grant is open to all students worldwide.

Sciences Po University offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in almost all academic subjects and majors under the Emile Boutmy Scholarship. There are numerous scholarship funds available to help students financially. The scholarship period for the Bachelor’s Degree program is three years, while the scholarship period for the master’s Degree program is two years. This is a prestigious scholarship for international students in France.

The Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po Paris) was founded in France in 1872. The university is ranked 242nd in the world by QS Ranking. This university has produced a large number of leaders. It offers a high-quality education to both domestic and international students.

Details About Emile Boutmy Scholarships:

University:Science Po University
Degree level:Bachelor, Master
Scholarship coverage:Tuition fee
Eligible nationality:All International
Award country:France

Benefits of Emile Boutmy Scholarships in France:

  • Financial Assistance: The Émile Boutmy Scholarships provide financial assistance to international students, helping to cover tuition costs and sometimes living expenses, making education in France more affordable.
  • Tuition Fee Coverage: The scholarship usually covers a portion or all of the tuition fees for the chosen program, relieving beneficiaries of the financial stress associated with high tuition expenses.
  • Merit-Based Awards: Scholarships are provided based on academic excellence and merit, honoring the accomplishments and potential of extraordinary students.
  • Undergraduate and Master’s Levels: The Émile Boutmy Scholarships are available for both undergraduate and master’s degree programs, allowing students at various stages of their academic path to benefit from this financial help.
  • Open to International Students: Scholarships are available to international students from all around the world, promoting a diverse and globally representative student body at Sciences Po.
  • Access to Academic Excellence At Sciences Po: Scholars can attend Sciences Po, which is a prestigious university noted for its academic rigor, high-quality programs, and distinguished teachers.
  • Opportunities for Research and Professional Development: As members of Sciences Po, scholars have access to research facilities, professional networks, and academic resources that can enhance their academic experience and future job chances.
  • Language Learning Assistance: Sciences Po frequently provides language assistance or language programs to help scholarship recipients enhance their French language skills, allowing for greater integration into academic and social life in France.
  • Opportunities for Academic Growth: Scholarship recipients can interact with top-tier professors, participate in research projects, and attend seminars and conferences, boosting intellectual progress and innovation.
  • Networking Opportunities: Scholars can network with other scholarship recipients, faculty members, alumni, and other professionals affiliated with Sciences Po, forming a valuable network for future pursuits.
  • Community Engagement and Activities: Scholarship holders are frequently encouraged to participate in many extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations, increasing their social and cultural experience at Sciences Po.

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List of Available Study Fields:

Sciences Po offers 27 Master’s Degree Programs and 23 Dual Degree Programs. All applications must be submitted electronically. All courses are taught entirely in English.

Fields & Majors for Master’s Degree:

Sciences Po School of International Affairs

Sciences Po School of Public Affairs

Sciences Po School of Management & Innovation

Sciences Po Law School

Sciences Po Urban School

Sciences Po Doctoral School

Eligibility Criteria for Emile Boutmy Awards:

To be eligible for Emile Boutmy Scholarships in France, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • International and non-European students are both encouraged to apply.
  • An applicant must be physically healthy.
  • Candidates with outstanding academic records will be given preference.
  • In the entrance application form, a candidate should explain why they are seeking a scholarship.
  • All previous academic transcripts and certificates must be provided by candidates applying for the undergraduate scholarship.
  • Candidates for the master’s scholarship must hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, as well as academic transcripts and certificates.
  • Students who have participated in social and community service activities will be given priority.

How to apply for Emile Boutmy Scholarships?

To apply for Emile Boutmy Scholarships 2024 in France, complete an online application. Applicants can register at the university website and begin their application online by clicking on the “Apply Now” link provided below. The official advertisement link is also provided below:

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The Émile Boutmy Scholarships are more than just financial aid; they are a transforming academic journey that enables scholars to achieve academically, embrace new experiences, and actively contribute to society. It heralds the start of a bright future in which scholars can make important contributions to their communities and the larger globe.

People Also Ask:

  1. What is the Emile Boutmy Scholarship?

    The Emile Boutmy scholarship will be awarded to international students beginning their first year at Sciences Po. For the undergraduate program, the scholarship will cover a tuition grant that ranges from €3,600 to €13,000 each year. Applicants are encouraged to take part in sports activities.

  2. What does Emile Boutmy’s scholarship cover?

    The Émile Boutmy program consists of a tuition grant of €13,100 (amount granted in 2024, amount to be confirmed in 2024) per year, which covers a portion of the tuition fees for the two years of the Master’s degree program.

  3. How to apply for scholarships in France?

    Scholarship applications approved by the French government are submitted to the cultural service of your country’s French embassy. The criteria for choosing applicants are established by the agreements reached between the French government and the authorities of the other countries.

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