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Australian Temporary Skill Shortage Visa 2023: This article provides detailed information about the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS), subclass 482, which grants permanent residency in Australia to its bearers.

Benefits Associated with this Visa

  • TSS visa holders may reside and work in Australia for their sponsoring businesses for a predetermined number of full-time hours.
  • Additionally, dependent family members may be listed on the TSS visa application.
  • This visa also has both a short-term and a long-term stream. Applicants who work in short-term skilled occupations are eligible for visas valid for up to two years and renewable once for an additional two years. Prior to qualifying for permanent residency, individuals with medium- and long-term strategic skill lists are eligible to apply for temporary residency for up to four years.

How do you qualify for Australian Temporary Skill Shortage Visa 2023?


The position that the organization seeks to fill must appear on the combined list of eligible skilled professionals. Historically, the Department of Home Affairs utilized the Australian-New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, or ANZSCO, to determine if the proposed nominated profession accurately reflected the duties of the position.

ANZSCO requires that the job description, as well as the employment and educational histories of applicants, correspond to the provided information.

Applicants Skills

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The applicant must possess the necessary skills for the position. All applicants for TSS visas must have an average of two years of relevant work experience, although the exact skills required vary by position.

When comparing the skills and credentials of a TSS visa applicant to the nominated position, case officers from the Department of Home Affairs will compare the employment description included in the employer’s nomination application with the applicant’s qualifications and work references.

If the applicant is not a citizen of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, or Ireland, they must also meet the English language requirements.

Other Information

In addition, health and character requirements must be met. A police clearance certificate is required for each country in which the applicant has resided for at least 12 months since turning 16 within the past decade.

People Also Ask

  1. Can my company use the same standard business sponsorship agreement used to sponsor personnel under the $%& visa regime to sponsor my application for a TSS visa?

    Yes, a standard corporate sponsorship agreement can demonstrate support for the submission and approval of a nomination and visa application for the TSS.

  2. Can I still apply for this visa if I am fifty or older?

    Yes, there are no age restrictions for this visa.

  3. After three years on the TSS visa, would I be eligible for permanent residency if I worked in marketing?

    No, marketing specialists do not have access to employer-sponsored permanent residency in Australia because their occupation is on the STSOL.

  4. Can I submit an application that includes my family members?

    Yes, dependent family members, including spouses, companions, and children, may also apply for a TSS visa. These family members will have independent employment and educational privileges.

  5. Can my visa be extended after it has expired?

    Yes, a visa holder may submit a new application for an additional 2-year TSS visa for occupations covered by the STSOL. The holder of a TSS visa may petition for permanent residency or extend their visa for an additional four years. This only applies to positions on the MLTSSL.

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