Finland Government Scholarship 2023-24 – Fully Funded

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Finland Government Scholarship: Applications for the Finland Government Scholarship 2023-24 are being accepted in Finland. The Finland Government Scholarship is accessible to all International Students pursuing Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Finland. English should be the study language. No application fee is required. The application process for higher education in Finland is currently open. The term “joint application” refers to the ability to apply for up to six programs in one application form for Spring 2023. For Spring 2023, all Study Programs are available in English.

Finland Universities provide almost all academic subjects and majors under this scholarship to study Undergraduate and Masters Degrees. This Fully Funded Scholarship will cover all of your study abroad expenditures.

Finland Scholarships are available to students of any nationality from all around the world. These scholarships will be available at a number of Finnish universities. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn for free.

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Details About Finland Government Scholarship:

Offered by:Finland Government
Degree level:Bachelors & Masters
Scholarship coverage:Fully Funded
Eligible nationality:All Nationalities
Award country:Finland
Last Date:14 September 2023

Benefits of Finland Government Scholarship:

  • Financial Assistance: The key advantage of the Finland Government Scholarship is financial assistance. It pays recipients a monthly stipend to cover living expenses while they study in Finland. The exact cost depends on the degree of study and the length of the scholarship.
  • Tuition Fee Waiver: Many Finland Government Scholarships feature a tuition fee waiver in addition to the monthly allowance. This means that recipients are exempt from paying tuition, making education in Finland more affordable for overseas students.
  • High-Quality Education: Finland is known for its world-class education system, and earning a government scholarship permits overseas students to participate in this system.
  • Diverse Study Options: Finland Government Scholarships are available for a variety of levels of study, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. This allows students at various phases of their academic careers to be more flexible.
  • Opportunities for Research: For doctorate students, the fellowship may provide the possibility to undertake research in partnership with Finnish universities and institutions, which may be especially advantageous for individuals pursuing research-oriented professions.
  • Networking: International students studying in Finland have the opportunity to develop a global network of peers and academics. It’s a chance to meet students and professionals from all over the world.
  • Cultural Experience: Finland is noted for its natural beauty, dynamic cities, and distinct culture. During their studies, scholarship recipients can immerse themselves in Finnish culture and travel throughout the country.
  • Career Opportunities: Because Finnish degrees are recognized internationally, graduating from a Finnish university can improve your career possibilities. The country also has a robust employment market, and some students may be able to find work in Finland after finishing their education.
  • Language Skills: While many programs are taught in English, studying in Finland may provide an opportunity to gain or enhance fluency in Finnish or Swedish, which might be useful in particular career routes.
  • Global Perspective: Studying abroad broadens one’s perspectives and provides a global perspective, which can be beneficial in an increasingly linked world.

List of Academic Study Fields:

Finland has 13 universities and 22 technical universities. There are almost all academic fields and majors accessible.

Over 400 different study programs are offered by Finnish higher education institutions, and over 20,000 international students study in various locations throughout Finland.

Finland Scholarship Opportunities for International Students are available at all universities and universities of applied sciences.

List of University of Applied Sciences:

There are 22 Applied Science Universities in all. UAS provides study possibilities in a variety of fields, including:

  • Arts
  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, and Veterinary
  • Business, Administration, and Law
  • Engineering, Manufacturing, and Construction
  • Education
  • Health and Welfare
  • Humanities
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICTS)
  • Services (hospitality management, logistics, security, sport studies)
  • Social Sciences, Journalism and Information.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor and Master Degrees at Universities of Applied Sciences:

Application Deadline:

The deadline for applying for the Finland Government Scholarship 2023-24 in Finland for International Students is September 14th, 2023.

How to Apply for the Finland Government Scholarship?

The application procedure is entirely online. The Finland Government Scholarship does not require a separate application. When you apply for Admission, your application will be automatically assessed for scholarships. The official link to the advertisement is provided below:


The Finland Government Scholarship is an excellent chance for overseas students to study in Finland. It provides financial assistance, such as a monthly allowance and, in some cases, a tuition fee remission, making education in Finland more accessible. Access to a high-quality education, research possibilities, networking, cultural experiences, and prospective job chances are among the perks of the scholarship.

People Also Ask:

  1. How can I get a full scholarship in Finland?

    When you apply for enrollment, you might apply for a university scholarship. Check the university’s website for the application process, deadlines, and complete requirements.

  2. Can I study in Finland without ielts?

    No, IELTS is not required to obtain a student visa to Finland. Without IELTS, you can get into Finnish institutions.

  3. How much CGPA is required for a scholarship in Finland?

    Tuition fee exemption of 50% with an absolute minimum of 60 ECTS credits and a GPA of 3.75 OR. Tuition fee waiver of 100% with a minimum of 60 ECTS courses and a GPA of 4.00.

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