French FIDEX Masters Scholarships 2023 – Apply Now

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French FIDEX Masters Scholarships 2023: Want to study in one of the most desirable locations on earth? Today, overseas students may continue their education in France and attend one of the country’s premier colleges. These Master’s degree Scholarships will satisfy your goals of pursuing higher education in one of the world’s leading nations. It is a wonderful opportunity for any students who aspire to visit France.

The purpose of the IDEX Scholarships for Master’s Degree Students is to help all international applicants with the capacity to improve and enhance their talents via educational discoveries. They only require a little push into developing and developed nations. Today you may enroll in the greatest educational institution in the world and achieve your goals quickly.

IDEDX Scholarships are established and provided by Université Paris-Saclay, a public university in France. All foreign applicants can now take advantage of this opportunity and continue their research and projects through doctorate programs. The primary purpose of the IDEX scholarship is to assist those students who are deserving of higher education but lack the financial means. You may now apply for this scholarship to alleviate some of your financial load.

The University of Paris-Saclay is affiliated with several other universities and seeks to deliver superior academic credentials. The University is renowned for being the best and number one in the mathematics faculty. You will also have the opportunity to join the alumni community, which will open up other professional opportunities for you.

If you are interested in seeing France and obtaining a higher education from one of the greatest institutions, then you must try your luck and apply for the IDEX, Paris-Saclay University Master’s Scholarships in France. All the information is listed below; please read it.

Details About French FIDEX Masters Scholarships 2023

French FIDEX Masters Scholarships 2023
French FIDEX Masters Scholarships 2023
  • Continent: France
  • Institution hosting: Paris-Saclay University
  • Degree level: Masters
  • Type: Endowed Scholarships Scholarships
  • The deadline is May 10, 2023.

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Advantages of the IDEX Scholarship in France

  • Students will receive an annual scholarship stipend of €10,000.
  • Students will receive a maximum travel award of €1,000. This award also covers visa expenses.
  • After they arrive in France, students will be awarded all awards and scholarships.
  • The travel allowance differs depending on the origin.

Eligibility Standards

The IDEX Master’s Scholarships in France have the following qualifying requirements that each student must meet before applying:

  • All candidates must be students from abroad.
  • All candidates must have been accepted to Paris-Saclay University.
  • The applicant’s age cannot exceed thirty years.
  • All applicants must apply to Master’s degree programs.
  • You are also able to apply if you have lived in France for less than a year.
  • If your studies have been interrupted for three years, you are ineligible to apply.
  • If you have previously attended a French institution of higher education, you are unable to apply.
  • You are not eligible to apply for IDEX Master’s Scholarships in France if you already have another grant or scholarship.

Submission Deadline

The deadline to apply for the IDEX France scholarship is May 10, 2023.

How Do I Apply for the IDEX Scholarship?

To be eligible for the Master’s Scholarship, applicants must apply for admission to Paris-Saclay University. All overseas applicants will be automatically considered for the IDEX scholarship after gaining admission. Hence, there is no distinct application method.

If you do not respond to the consent email within seven days, you will be disqualified. After selection, you are required to submit two letters of recommendation from references. Complete the online form supplied by the administration and include two references.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to obtain a master’s degree scholarship in France?

In addition, there are several different financial schemes and exchange programs aimed to recruit and assist overseas postgraduate students at French institutions.
Excellent Scholarship Program at Eiffel.
AUF bursaries.
Entente Cordiale grant opportunities.
Regional financial aid.
Financing from universities in France.

What is an IDEX scholarship?

The IDEX scholarship is an opportunity for overseas students to enroll at the renowned French institution, Université Paris-Saclay. This French master’s grant seeks to identify talented individuals who want to continue their research and projects at the doctorate level.

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