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Fruit-picking jobs in Canada 2023: Fruit farmers may choose to increase the size of their farms in order to boost their prospective profits. Employees in the fruit growing sector may choose to start their own orchard or climb to the position of farm supervisor. Some of them travel to their different workplaces. For instance, fruit growers are given the support they require to serve as customers for food processing businesses. The ability to successfully market the farm’s products is essential to a fruit farming operation’s success.

The bulk of fruit-picking employment in Canada is available to foreigners, and they may be found in a number of agricultural sectors. Because these positions are so much more pleasant than other fruit-picking employment, we decided to pursue them.

Details About Fruit picking jobs in Canada 2023

  • Name of the Employer: Canadian Job Bank
  • Fruit pickers are employed.
  • 500 vacancies total
  • $15.00 to $27.00 per hour in wages
  • Type of Employment: Full-Time
  • Location: Canada
Fruit picking jobs in Canada 2023 Apply Here
Fruit picking jobs in Canada 2023 Apply Here

Do you want a migrant worker to pick fruit in Canada?

If that’s the case, please find below a selection of Canada’s most recent fruit picker job postings from a Canadian job bank. Jobs as a fruit picker, including those for picking apples, cherries, strawberries, tomatoes, and many other fruits, are plentiful in Canada.

Where can I learn about work picking fruit in Canada?

During the harvest season, people who live in areas where fruit grows wild or is grown in orchards engage in fruit picking, also known as fruit harvesting, for either financial or recreational gain.
Foreign workers can expect physical demands and short work seasons from fruit harvesting occupations in Canada. Only a few days of work are needed to harvest a crop; then you’ll need to find another source of income. In many cases, the hourly fee will be lower during the slow season because payment is tied to the chosen amount.
Hundreds of fruit-related businesses thrive in Canada. People to work as pickers and packers are needed. Immigrants and newcomers to Canada often find work with Canadian businesses.

How difficult is it to get a job harvesting fruit in Canada?

A foreigner needs the following in order to work as a fruit picker in Canada:

A lack of formal education in the form of a certificate, diploma, or degree English is the language in use.
Gaining experience is a great advantage.
Loading, unloading, and moving containers, supplies, and farm products, as well as sorting and packing fruits and vegetables.
Capabilities beyond that include the ability to keep your work area in order.
Apples, cherries, strawberries, grapes, oranges, citrus fruits, and tomatoes are just a few examples of fruits.
You will be working in more rural, agricultural settings.

How do starting wages for fruit picker employment in Canada compare to other similar vocations?

The minimum wage for foreigners working in the Canadian fruit business varies by farming sector, harvest season, and output. While this may seem like a lot, when we compared it to historical norms, we found the following in terms of base pay and perks for employees:

Salary: Monthly compensation will typically range from $1,500 to $3,200.

The company will provide for the worker’s basic needs including food and shelter as well as medical care.
Successful farmers are rewarded with annual salary increases.

What are the responsibilities of a foreign worker picking fruit in Canada?

Position descriptions will be provided at the time of hiring. Fruit pickers and farmhands have the following responsibilities and roles:

Uses farming equipment and machinery to plant, nurture, spray, and harvest fruit and nut crops like apples, citrus, oranges, strawberries, and pecans. Using various farm instruments, such as a plow, planter, fertilizer applicator, and harvester, the farmer moves the tractor through the fields to do these tasks. Plants, trees, vines, and soil can be protected from pests, fungus, and weed growth, as well as illnesses, by combining chemical ingredients and spraying solutions.
Pruning saws and clippers are used to cut away unwanted parts of plants and vines to improve yield and flavor.
Soil and vegetation can be irrigated with the use of a moveable pipe or ditch system.
Preserving fruit is an important part of harvesting and storing it.
move things around with a truck or tractor, like tools, supplies, people, and stuff.
Modifies and fixes farm equipment as needed.
Remove the flowers, the runners, and the immature fruit for higher quality fruit.
As fruit increases in weight, branches can break if they aren’t properly supported.
Turn on air-moving fans or light smudge pots and torches to keep frost from wreaking havoc.
Picking, plowing, and spraying are all examples of labor that may be identified, as are the fruits and vegetables on which they were used, such as cherries, cranberries, lemons, and walnuts.

Where can I get a list of companies hiring foreign nationals to pick fruit in Canada?

  • Working in the general area (19 CAD hourly)
  • Order picker in the warehouse (25 CAD hourly)
  • Associate in Sorting and Packing (20 CAD hourly)
  • Case-selection algorithm with a split input (23 CAD hourly)
  • Dishwasher (19 CAD hourly) (19 CAD hourly)
  • Expert in the field of food and nutrition (16 CAD hourly)
  • Assistant in the Kitchen (15 CAD hourly)
  • The Cooking Preparation Stage (16 CAD hourly)
  • Driver for the Canadian Security Agency (22 CAD hourly)
  • An employee on temporary maintenance duty (19 CAD hourly)
  • Support for Niche Programs (20 CAD hourly)
  • Volunteer in the manufacturing industry (19 CAD hourly)
  • Harvester of ripe fruits and vegetables (18 CAD hourly)
  • Fungus forager (19 CAD hourly)
  • Carriers of food (94 CAD per day)
  • Laborer on a Fruit Farm (18 CAD hourly)
  • Collector of vegetables (18 CAD hourly)
  • Picker of apples (19 CAD hourly)
  • The operator of conversion (26 CAD hourly)
  • Production Manager (27 CAD hourly)
  • Technician in charge of manufacturing machinery (25 CAD hourly)
  • Representative in Charge of Client Relations (19 CAD hourly)
How To Apply
How To Apply

Latest Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada 2023

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It’s easy to apply for fruit-picking jobs in Canada:

Anyone with the legal right to live and work in Canada is eligible to apply for any of the fruit-picking positions listed above. The agriculture industry and the potential employer will not evaluate your employment application if you are not currently authorized to work in Canada. Every fruit picker and agricultural laborer in Canada needs to have a working visa that is current.

Interested individuals with a fruit picker visa for Canada may submit their resumes and applications for writing jobs to the address listed on the employer’s employment website, or they may apply for picking positions directly through Canadian Job Bank.

Questions and Answers:

1. How are fruit pickers compensated?

Instead of receiving hourly compensation, food pickers who are paid on a piecework basis are paid depending on output, such as the number of kilograms or bins of goods selected. Pieceworkers are not entitled to a minimum payment that is guaranteed.
Anyone who has the right to work and live in Canada may apply for the position mentioned above. If you do not currently have permission to work in Canada, neither the farming industry nor the employer will accept your employment application. Every Canadian farmworker and fruit picker needs a work visa. Jobs picking fruit in Canada offer rewards for work-life balance and environmental responsibility to foreign workers.

In search of Fruit Choosing Jobs in Canada for Foreigners?

If sure, listed here are the newest alternatives for Canada fruit picker job financial institutions. There are plenty of job vacancies out there for farm picker jobs like apple pickers, cherry pickers, strawberry pickers, tomato pickers, and lots of different fruit picker jobs in Canada. Most of these jobs can be found in Indians, Filipinos, Nigerians, and different Asian and African nations.

Fruit Farm Employee Jobs in Canada

The annual earnings of farmers improve or fall from yr to yr relying on a number of elements like climate situations in addition to different components that have an effect on agricultural manufacturing. Most farmers normally have earnings from nonfarming sources. Unbiased farmers ought to be supplied with enticing advantages, akin to insurance coverage in addition to retired life plans.

Fruit farm employees and choosing jobs in Canada More energizing

Fruit growers might improve the scale of their farms to enhance their income capability. Workers in fruit rising can grow to be farm supervisors or begin their very own fruit rising. Some enter related workplaces. For instance, fruit producers have the assistance to perform as shoppers of meals dealing with corporations. The clever advertising of the agricultural product is essential for an efficient fruit rising.

Numerous agricultural industries are hiring apple pickers in Canada and apple-choosing jobs in Canada are primarily enticing to foreigners. As a result, these jobs are fairly extra snug than different fruit-choosing jobs.

Labor Necessities for Fruit Choosing Staff in Canada

To get a job as a fruit picker in Canada, candidates should meet the next necessities:

  • English language
  • Training: No diploma, certificates, or diploma
  • Expertise: Expertise is an asset
  • Particular Expertise: Sorting and packing vegetables and fruits, loading and unloading, and transferring containers, providing, and produce
  • Bonus Expertise: Clear WorkSpace
  • Forms of fruits: apple, cherry, strawberry, grape, orange, citrus, tomatoes
  • Place of Work: Rural and Agricultural Zone

The wage for Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada in 2023

The fundamental wage for fruit-choosing jobs in Canada is determined by the agricultural trade, the season, and the quantity of manufacturing. However, if we take a look at the above traits, we discover the essential wages and advantages of workers as follows:

Wage: Common wage can be $1500 – $3200 monthly.
The corporate will present advantages akin to meals, lodging, and medical bills.
Your wage can be elevated yearly for those who carried out nicely in agriculture.

Duties and Duties of Fruit Choosing Staff in Canada

Job descriptions can be supplied at the time of placement. The duties and tasks of fruit pickers and farm employees are listed under:

  • Drive and function farm gear and equipment to plant, domesticate, spray, and harvest fruit and nut crops, akin to apples, citrus, oranges, strawberries, and walnuts: Connect farm implements, akin to a plough, seeder, fertilizer applicator, and harvester to the tractor and Drive the tractor within the fields to arrange the soil and plant, fertilize and harvest crops.
  • Combine chemical elements and spray crops, timber, vines, and soil with options to remediate the expansion of bugs, fungi and weeds, and illnesses.
  • Take away extra progress from crops and vines to enhance fruit’s high quality, utilizing pruning saws and shears.
  • Irrigate the soil and crops utilizing a conveyable pipe or trench system.
  • Assortment and storage of fruits throughout harvest.
  • Drive vehicles or tractors to move gear, supplies, provides, employees and merchandise.
  • Performs minor changes and upkeep to agricultural equipment.
  • You may skinny flowers, runners and immature fruits to acquire higher high-quality fruits.
  • You may assist the branches to forestall them from breaking below the load of the fruit.
  • You may run followers that flow into the air or activate blowtorches or torches to forestall frost injury.
  • You may determine with the work being accomplished, akin to choosing, ploughing, and fumigating; or relying on the crop job akin to cherries, blueberries, lemons, or walnuts.

Find out how to apply for fruit-choosing jobs in Canada.

Anybody who can legally reside and work in Canada can apply for the fruit-choosing jobs in Canada posted above. In case you are not at present approved to work in Canada, the agricultural trade or employer won’t think about your utility for employment. All fruit pickers and farm employees will need to have a Canadian work visa.

candidates holding a Canada Fruit Picker Visa can apply for selecting jobs instantly online from the employer’s job portal or can ship a CV and written job purposes by mail to the deal listed.

Job Necessities

  • Languages: English or French
  • Training: No diploma, certificates, or diploma
  • Expertise: Expertise is an asset
  • Particular Expertise: Decide row and orchard crops
  • Gear and Equipment Expertise: Fruit harvester
  • Weight Dealing with: As much as 13.5 kg (30 lbs)
  • Kind of Crops: Apples; Cherries
  • Work Web site Setting: Outdoor
  • Work Situations and Bodily Capabilities: Quick-paced setting; Repetitive duties; Dealing with heavy hundreds; Bodily demanding; Handbook dexterity; Hand-eye co-ordination; Standing for prolonged intervals; Bending, crouching, kneeling
  • Work Location Data: Rural space; Employees lodging out there
  • Private Suitability: Flexibility; Crew participant; Values and ethics; Reliability

Find out how to apply.

Submit your job utility online: Click Here

Jobs Details:

Company: Agriculture, Government Jobs, Healthcare Jobs, Hospitality Jobs, IT Jobs
Job Role:Fruit Packer & picking jobs in Canada exciting job bank fruit packer & picker openings
Career Level:Mid Career
Job Type:Full Time
Min. Education:High School / Secondary
Job Category: Agriculture, Government Jobs, Healthcare Jobs, Hospitality Jobs, IT Jobs
Min. Experience:1-2 Years
Job Location:Toronto
Salary:CAD 3000- CAD 5000 Per Month
Benefits:Will be discussed in the interview
Hiring By:Employer

2. Are there any personal success opportunities?

Effective interpersonal abilities, adaptability, teamwork, and organization are all crucial.

Cherry Packers – Cherry pickers are responsible for cherry picking, cherry sorting, and clearing debris and leaves from the cherries on the sorting line. Cherry pouring into tank stations from buckets is a frequent event. constructing boxes and weighing the packaged final product.

Apple Packer – An apple packer’s usual day is picking, sorting, and removing damaged apples (such as those with bruises, cuts, or hail) from the sorting line. All dirt and leaves are removed from the apples. The apples should be arranged on trays or in bags that can be put inside mailboxes or boxes. On the scale, the packaged items are weighed.

handling of objects up to 9 kg (20 lbs)

What kind of wages can you expect from picking fruit?

Fruit-picking businesses use piece pricing. Your compensation is based on the weight of the fruit you select and is decided in accordance with national minimum wage legislation. A piece-rate payment system is employed for field labor. You earn more money the more you chose. Our pickers currently make, on average, between $10 and $25 per hour.

3. Is packaging fruit a physically taxing job?

Although physically taxing, it taught me that we must work very hard if we want to succeed financially. A wide mix of people working with you, including backpackers from across the world, long, hot days in the summer heat, repetitive labor (which has its benefits), and a highly diverse group of people.

4. In Canada, what age is the minimum requirement for selecting fruit?

You must be at least 18 years old to go fruit picking.

First-time pickers shouldn’t worry about their lack of past experience when it comes to the actual labor. The only qualifications are that you be 18 years old or older, physically strong and healthy, and prepared to get your hands dirty with some hard labor. Farms are experienced in teaching new employees.


We sincerely hope that you fully understand each point we have covered. Fruit harvesting employment is simple to come by in Canada. In order to stand out from the throng, you must present yourself well.


No formal education or training is needed to work on a farm. Farm equipment mechanics, agricultural welding, tree pruning, and pesticide application are all examples of professions where a college degree or specialized training might be advantageous for a candidate.
Potential employees should have some familiarity with farming, such as that gained by working on a family farm, before hiring them.

  • Candidates may be required to show proof of first aid training or certification.
  • To begin working, the applicants may need to obtain credentials from a governing body.
  • The ideal applicant for a job on a farm would have good physical health. The employee’s duties include long periods of sitting and standing, as well as the performance of repetitive tasks.
  • The ideal applicant would work well with others.
  • The ideal candidate would have a can-do mentality and a can-win mentality.
  • The ideal candidate will be proactive in their approach.
  • The successful candidate will be adaptable and dependable in the workplace.
  • Good discernment is required of the prospective employee.
  • The ideal candidate would have strong communication skills.
  • Candidates should have strong organizational skills.
  • Large amounts of work should not be a problem for the prospective employee.


  • Planting, fertilizing, cultivating, spraying, irrigating, and harvesting skills are all required.
  • The ability to care for and feed livestock and poultry is a must.
  • Candidates should demonstrate their ability to milk cows.
  • The ideal candidate will be able to perform or provide assistance with animal breeding on a farm.
  • The ideal candidate will be able to properly install and regulate watering systems, ventilation, and temperature in livestock and poultry structures.
  • The ideal candidate will have experience keeping records and logs, as well as the expertise required to handle bags and freight.
  • The ideal candidate will have the expertise required of livestock workers.
  • The ideal candidate will have experience with and knowledge of agricultural machines and equipment.
  • The ideal candidate will be able to maintain a clean stable, barn, barnyard, and pens.
  • The successful candidate will have knowledge of and experience with food safety, animal biosecurity, and related practices.
  • The ideal candidate will have a keen eye for diagnosing illnesses in crops, livestock, and poultry.
  • In order to succeed in this role, the candidate must be able to do quality control checks on products and get them ready for sale.
  • The successful candidate will have the ability to clean stables, barns, barnyards, and pens, as well as aid in the cleaning of these areas.
  • Candidates should be able to identify symptoms of insect and disease damage.
  • Successful candidates will have experience with potting and re-potting plants.
  • Candidate abilities should include the ability to assist in the pruning of trees, shrubs, and plants.
  • The successful candidate will have experience watering and maintaining gardens, lawns, and other plant life.


  • Wages in the agricultural sector are among the highest in the nation.
  • Working on a farm is a nice job because the workers are compensated well.
  • They are eligible for the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program benefits, and the workers receive them (SAWP)
  • Employees are eligible for a wide range of insurance protections, including health, life, and disability coverage.
  • Workers are given the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while at work.
  • In the form of a health insurance program, workers are provided with health benefits.
  • employees are eligible for paid time off
  • If you’re looking for work, why not consider a job on a Canadian farm?
  • There is a wide range of opportunities in the agricultural sector, from working with animals and fieldwork to marketing and research, so just about anyone may find a suitable position. In most cases, farm workers develop an aptitude for their tasks and a strong work ethic.
  • Farming jobs provide free room and board in addition to excellent work experience.
  • As Canadian agriculture expands and older workers retire, a greater need for new workers in the agricultural sector is anticipated.

The following are some of the many reasons why you might consider working on a Canadian farm.

Raw resources primarily come from the agricultural output.
One could argue that agricultural goods and related employment are crucial to global trade.
Both the agricultural workforce and the goods they produce contribute significantly to a country’s GDP.
Numerous people find steady employment through farming.
Careers in agriculture are essential to a nation’s growth.
Jobs in agriculture aid in environmental restoration, and employees have the opportunity to work for two major corporations.
Opportunities for advancement are available to farm workers in a number of fields.
Farmhands are exposed to a wide range of cutting-edge farming methods.

In Conclusion

Across Canada, several orchards and farms are looking for people to work on their fruit farms. Canadian immigration officials and the Canadian government prioritize agricultural laborers. A large number of foreign nationals are lured to Canada in hopes of finding work on farms there. Sponsorship for visas is another service provided by Immigration.
Anywhere you go in Canada, you can find work in agriculture. There is a growing demand for farmers across Canada.

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