Highest Paid Jobs In Australia 2023

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Highest Paid Jobs In Australia 2023 Australia is a nation of opportunity, with a variety of well-paying jobs available in a variety of industries. Based on the most recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, this article will take a closer look at some of the highest-paying jobs in Australia (ABS).

The Top Paying Professions In Australia

Here are some of Australia’s highest-paying jobs:


Surgeons are the highest-paid professionals in Australia, earning between AUD 380,000 and AUD 400,000 annually on average. They perform surgeries and other medical procedures to treat injuries, illnesses, and deformities. The position requires extensive knowledge, education, and training.


Given the inherent risk and complexity, it is not surprising that anaesthetists earn extremely high salaries. Anesthetists are physicians who collaborate with surgeons to administer general or local anesthesia to patients.

Anesthetists earn between $370,000 and $390,000 per year, or $4,647 per week after taxes, according to our data.


Psychiatrists are highly compensated professionals in Australia, earning an average annual salary between $350,000 and $360,000. Psychiatrists diagnose and treat mental illness and emotional disorders. The position requires extensive knowledge, education, and training.

General Manager and Project Supervisor

You have not one medical bone in your body? In Australia’s flourishing construction industry, there are numerous high-paying positions available.

General managers, as their title suggests, supervise the entirety of a company’s operations, including the allocation of budgetary resources, the creation of policies, the supervision of employees, the enhancement of administrative procedures, and the interaction with outside vendors.

General managers and project managers earn between $330,000 and $370,000 annually, or $4,266 per week after taxes.

IT Directors

IT Managers are another group of highly compensated specialists in Australia, earning between AUD 145,000 and AUD 155,500 annually on average. They are responsible for administering an organization’s information technology systems and infrastructure, ensuring that its technology is efficient, secure, and up-to-date.


Cardiologists, another well-compensated medical specialty, diagnose and treat conditions affecting the heart and blood vessels. This high-stakes position pays well regardless of the duties performed, be they tests or surgeries.

Cardiologists in Australia earn an average annual salary between $345,827 and $355,000, or $222,338 after taxes. That is equivalent to $4,285 per week!

Internal Medicine Specialist

Specialists in internal medicine earn between $290,752 and $310,000 annually on average and are specially trained to diagnose, manage, and treat complex and difficult-to-diagnose health conditions.

In addition to general practitioners and other practitioners, these specialists are among the highest-paid professionals in the nation.

Corporate Administrator

It should come as no surprise that careers in the legal field can be extremely lucrative. However, it may come as a revelation that a company secretary has a higher status than a lawyer or barrister! A company secretary provides legal, administrative, and clerical support to keep the business on track.

Secretaries earn between $339,000 and $342,000 annually, or $217,708 after taxes, or $4,187 per week.

Typically, company secretaries possess a degree in business, law, accounting, or public administration.

Financial Deale

In order to “purchase and sell commodities for a profit,” financial dealers “analyze social trends, market conditions, and government regulations.”

On average, it dealers earn between $255,984 and $290,000 per year.

Principal Information Officer (CTO)

Once labeled a “emerging role,” chief technology officers are now in high demand. Thanks to the rise of big data, AI, and the challenges posed by COVID-19, the technology sector is still flourishing.

CTOs are responsible for administering the technical aspects and resources of an organization, as well as working toward technological advancement and ensuring digital readiness.

According to our data, CTOs earn between $270,000 and $320,000 annually, or $194,333 after taxes, or $3,737 per week deposited directly into your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which jobs will pay well in the future?

The majority of marketing managers hold a marketing or related degree. They will likely hold one of the highest-paying positions in the future. In a small business, you may be a generalist who is expected to manage multiple or all aspects of marketing while working alone or with a small team.

What occupation pays the most?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest-paying occupations in the United States are in medicine. Chief executives and airline pilots are also highly compensated professionals.

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