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Latest Jobs in Panama For Foreigners 2023: Are you interested in working and living as a foreigner in Panama? Obtaining work in Panama as a foreigner may be difficult for some, but the reality is that there are positions available; however, it might be difficult if you don’t know anyone in the country or a recruiter.

A country in America with a low standard of life in Panama. It also has one of the worst distributions of wealth. I would classify Panama as a developing nation because its economy is expanding, but not at an exponential rate.

Despite this, it is impossible to determine the employment availability rate in Panama, since unskilled labor outnumbers skilled labor.

Candidates should ensure they possess the necessary qualifications and apply without delay. To learn how to apply for employment, peruse the posting for more details.

In Panama, skilled labor is in scarce supply while unskilled labor is abundant. As with many other aspects of life in Panama, gaining contacts might make obtaining a job easier. This is a “who you know” country in terms of gaining entry. Panama is a country in Central America that connects Costa Rica and South America via Colombia.

The Panama Canal, a global commercial and transportation center that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the Caribbean Sea, plays a major role in the country’s history. Panama has the second-worst income distribution in Latin America, even though the country’s economy is expanding rapidly and not everyone is experiencing affluence.

According to the CIA World Factbook, one-fourth of the world’s population lives in poverty. Despite all statistics on poverty and income distribution, etc., Panama remains one of the finest areas for a foreigner to find work, particularly unskilled jobs that pay well. In addition to the low level of life, it is an ideal location for foreigners.

Employment Opportunities In Panama For Foreigners

Latest Jobs in Panama For Foreigners 2023
Latest Jobs in Panama For Foreigners 2023

These are examples of accessible Jobs in Panama:

  • English Instructor
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Customer Service Professional

English Instructor

A teacher of English is a professional charged with training students in the English language and literature. The English language may also create an enjoyable and interesting setting for studying English.

Essential Qualification

These are the qualifications and competencies expected of an English Teacher:

  • Bachelor of English Studies
  • Prior English teaching experience.
  • Familiarity with diverse instructional methods.
  • In-depth knowledge of the national curriculum and English language standards.
  • Outstanding organizational and communication abilities.
  • A patient and hardy disposition.
  • Commitment to education and kids.

Teaching Assistant

They are mostly responsible for administrative responsibilities, such as preparing teaching materials. In addition, they are responsible for constructing displays and preparing classrooms, listening to students read, reading to them, and telling them stories, and caring for students who have had accidents, require assistance, or are angry. Several aspects of the work are comparable to those of a teacher, such as providing assistance and tips during sessions; however, a teaching assistant will not be responsible for lesson planning or grading.

Essential Qualification

The following are the required qualifications for a Teaching Assistant: For more senior roles, schools anticipate a specific level of TA qualifications and experience working in a similar educational setting. In some contexts, such as high school teaching, a degree is required to gain a position as a teaching assistant. Nevertheless, in other instances, a degree is not required. Some colleges will hire unqualified individuals and train them on the job.


Receptionists are responsible for answering, filtering, and forwarding incoming phone calls, as well as directing visitors to the appropriate individual or department. Also, they are responsible for maintaining office equipment.

Essential Qualification

The following qualifications are required of a Receptionist:

  • High school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED).
  • Associate or bachelor’s degree in business or communications.
  • Prior knowledge of Microsoft Office and typing skills.
  • High school diploma or comparable degree
  • Organizational skills
  • flexibilities
  • Multitasking skills
  • Communication and hearing abilities

Customer Service Professional

A customer service representative is a professional responsible for dealing with customers to process orders, offer information about an organization’s products and services, and handle difficulties.

Essential Qualification

The required requirements for a Customer Service Representative are as follows:

  • Demonstrated expertise in customer service
  • Proven track record of exceeding quota
  • Good phone contact management abilities
  • Active hearing
  • Consumer focus and adaptability/response to various types of personalities
  • Outstanding communication and presenting abilities
  • Effective multitasking, prioritization, and time management
  • equivalent to a high school diploma or higher
  • College degree
  • Listening Skills
  • Phone Skills
  • Managing Conflict
  • Multitask
  • Patience
  • Positive Attitude
  • Concentration on Specifics

Qualifications For Foreign Workers In Panama

Every foreigner from any nation who desires to work in Panama must obtain a Work Permit. The Panama Ministry of Labor (Trabajo) in Panama City issues work permits. For the Labor Ministry to issue a Work Permit. Further requirements include;

  • Age limit
  • CV
  • It required a Certificate or Degree for the specific position.
  • Clear Criminal Record

Careers In Panama Paying Foreign Wages

In Panama, the average annual wage is roughly 25,400 PAB.

How Foreigners May Apply for Jobs in Panama

This is a list of the processes required to apply for Employment In Panama For Foreigners:

  • When routed to the official website, use the application link below to seek for a job.
  • You can utilize the search box, which is subdivided into numerous categories, to narrow down your job search results.
  • Examine the job posting and role description.
  • Ensure you meet all requirements prior to continuing.
  • Choose the Online Application button.
  • Fill out and submit the application.
  • Verify that you have received a confirmation email for your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a foreigner find employment in Panama?

A tourist visa is available to those who plan to stay in Panama for up to 90 days, however it does not allow the bearer to work. Before filing for a work permit, foreign employees must get an immigration visa and establish residency in Panama in order to live and work there.

Is it simple to get a job in Panama?

Obtaining employment in Panama as an expat is difficult, but well worth the effort. If you cannot find a suitable employment in Panama, you can always join other expats by starting your own business there. Foreign Affairs is a major industry in Panama, especially considering that it is one of the world’s main commercial hubs.

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