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Logistics Jobs in UAE 2023: Logistics is one of the numerous fields in which a good career is possible. Logistics entails assisting in the manufacturing, packaging, shipment, and transportation of an organization’s products.
Nowadays, plant simulation software can model, analyze, visualize, and optimize the complexity of production logistics, which is in constant flux. These may include consumer items such as food, IT materials, aerospace, and defense equipment.
If you are a recent graduate seeking employment in Dubai’s logistics industry, this article will give you a list of all the open positions you can apply for as a recent graduate.

Your talents and abilities, as well as your comfort with the requirements of logistics work, determine a great deal. It’s not for everybody.

There are other subfields within the topic as well. Logistics demands attention to detail, proficiency with mathematics, and the management of numerous goods. It is a terrific career sector that spans multiple industries for the proper individual. You must be organized to achieve success.

Logistics is the management of the flow of resources between the point of origin and the point of destination to suit the needs of customers or organizations.

Logistics requires the integration of information, transportation, inventory, storage, material handling, packaging, and frequent security.

Available Logistics Career Openings in the UAE for New Graduates

Logistics Jobs in UAE 2023
Logistics Jobs in UAE 2023

Are you looking for a chance to make a significant impact in an organization that values innovation and progress? Join Baker and become part of a team that will inspire and challenge you!

Baker Hughes Corporation is an employer with equal opportunity. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, or other legally protected characteristics.

The Position – MENATI Logistics Operations Manager – Oilfield Services Vacant

The Baker Oilfield Services division delivers intelligent, networked monitoring and control technology for energy extraction assets. Baker gives customers with the assurance required to develop their operations dependably and effectively. The team offers technological knowledge to satisfy the needs of the client.

You will be responsible for planning, coordinating, monitoring, and delivering items to internal and/or external customers/suppliers as the MENATI Logistics Operations Manager.

You will create an operational plan/process for your department and contribute to the broader unit’s planning. You will direct Logistics-related tasks and strategy on behalf of Baker Hughes.

As MENATI Logistics Operations Manager, your responsibilities will include:

  • Creating and directing end-to-end logistics solutions to ensure the timely pickup and delivery of commodities.
  • Simplify operations and decrease expenses.
  • Conduct metrics reporting and data analysis duties to identify process improvement challenges and opportunities.
  • Controlling logistics Expenses to satisfy budgets and Operational Plans
  • Creating process redesigns in response to shifting conditions or management requirements to ensure we offer value.
  • It is predicted that process improvement would be elaborated upon in a broader functional framework.

To succeed in this position, you will:

  • Having earned a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Have professional experience pertinent to logistics
  • Show good communication, interpersonal, and leadership abilities, including the capacity to influence others and lead small teams.
  • Excellent team player.
  • Capable of leading initiatives with moderate scale and impact
  • Show the ability to organize many tasks concurrently; problem detection and resolution expertise
  • Has exceptional analytic and organizational abilities

Bakers Offer

  • Working flexible hours — adjusting your work schedule to help you fit everything in and work when you are most productive
  • Modern work-life balance and wellness policies and activities
  • Complete private medical care options
  • The protection provided by life insurance and disability benefits
  • Customized financial plans
  • Added optional or elective benefits
  • To bring out the best in one another, they invest in the health and well-being of their employees, train and reward talent, and create leaders at all levels.

Salaries For Logistics Graduates In The UAE

The average monthly compensation for Logistics professionals in the United Arab Emirates is 4,000 AED.

The lowest salary is 4,000 AED and the highest is 20,000 AED (highest).

How to Apply for Logistics Jobs in UAE 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the wage for a logistics position in the UAE?

In UAE, the average income for a Logistics Executive is 6,000 AED per month. In UAE, the highest compensation for a Logistics Executive is AED 10,000 and the lowest is AED 3,500.

What is the DHL logistics salary in UAE?

The average monthly salary of a DHL Driver in the United Arab Emirates is roughly 3,902 AED, which is 63% higher than the national average.

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